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Everything posted by altair87

  1. Mario Kart 8 + Update + 2 DLC on Google Drive only one link USA Loadiine [Hidden Content] All of my Google Drive uploads in this thread [Hidden Content] Bonus : Cemu 1.11 Mario Kart 8 Triforce Cup on GTX 1060 3GB MSI Armor Edition i5 4460 8GB Ram Performance video All my cemu videos
  2. Super Mario 3D World on Google Drive USA Loadiine [Hidden Content] All my Google Drive uploads in this thread [Hidden Content] cemu 1.11 plays perfect this great game at 4k internal resolution my rig is gtx 1060 3gb i5 4460 8gb ram All my cemu videos
  3. hello lezzeplin all of my files arent corrputed you should unzip them by 7zip
  4. i hope you enjoy my video cemu plays this game perfect at 4k i hope in future they can implement netplay too
  5. you should be playing the game without any problem i play it at 4k resolution and plays perfect sorry for not being able to help you