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  1. Cool!
  2. Thanks
  3. Why doesn't the ssmb dlc stay after entering the eshop?, it's the only dlc that gets deleted, and before anyone asks I haven't purchased dlc for this game or any other through the eshop, please help
  4. I've been trying to install smash bros 3ds dlc using the ticket system implemented into ciangel, yet everytime I access the ingame shop it asks me to pay☹️ Can anyone give me instructions or tell me why it's not working? btw: my system is an o3ds and I've never purchased dlc of any game or any other kind thanks in advance!
  5. hope im not asking in the wrong place... but id like to know if itd be possible to get fire emblem the binding blade in this same way
  6. heya lightrampage!
  7. thanks so much for this! I'll be coming back here a lot!
  8. heya, i'm new here! the name's F3NR1S! pleased to meet you all!