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  1. FanNintendo

    [MEGA]14lalo cia Collection[USA]

    Thank you!
  2. the update is DLC for cia can you reupload the 1.1.7. update Thank you
  3. Awesome Thank you also there is missing Reel Fishing Ocean Challenge (USA) there is (Europe) also the DLC for Reel Fishing Ocean Challenge (USA). is there way to re-upload the USA? Never Mind I found it and it is Reel Fishing - Ocean Challenge (USA) Thank you again 😜
  4. Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games and Mario & Sonic At The Winter Olympic Games are down. ☹️ Can you please re-upload these games Thank you.
  5. FanNintendo

    Virtua Striker 4 (ORIGINAL 2004) NOT ver.2006

    Thanks but the iso says Virtua Striker 3 version 2002 japan
  6. FanNintendo

    (Request)LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 DLCs + Updates

    I'm Searching too Ill keep eyes peeled until I find it! Or will have to buy it in eShop that would b suck!
  7. Anyone happen to find LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes DLC PACKS for WUP INSTALLER or LOADIINE??
  8. FanNintendo

    Wii U Games (Working) | High Speed Download

    looking for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Super Pack DLC for Wup Installer or loadiine??
  9. FanNintendo

    [SO] Nintendo DS Complete RomSet (6500+ Roms)

    Can you re - upload it on google drive or Mega?? filecrypt.cc taking forever
  10. FanNintendo

    [MEGA] Trauma Team (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Thank you!
  11. FanNintendo

    Mass Effect 3 Deluxe Wii U

    what region?