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  1. I don't think I'll be updating this anymore.
  2. WUDs seem to take up more space.
  3. Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2016-10 This version is for USB Loaders only. This mod was made by Wiimm. Track List: Game Description: Cover: Download Here: Mega:
  4. Direct DL

    WoxelCraft Screenshots: WoxelCraft is a 3D Voxel Engine and a basic clone of Minecraft for the Nintendo Wii. Menu Singleplayer World: 50x50 Chunks(16x16x16) First-Person Controller Simple World Generator Basic World interaction Download Here:
  5. MEGA

    You mean the version.txt? I already have that in there.
  6. MEGA

    The link's updated for v1.2.0.
  7. Direct DL

    Yes I understand. I fixed the stuff and will do the rest for the rest of your homebrew applications.
  8. Will maybe search for it then upload it.
  9. NAND Dumps would be useful. PM them to me please.
  10. Nintendo of America has confirmed today that Super Mario Maker will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. You’ll be able to get your hands on the title this December as it launches on the 2nd. Source: MyNintendoNews
  11. Despite the game’s age, Nintendo is still supporting Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The latest Nintendo Direct has just given an update on the upcoming Amiibo functionality for the game. The existing Amiibo cards for the series can be used to make new villagers move into your town on the 3DS game. The update will be coming this autumn. Source: MyNintendoNews
  12. Nintendo of America has confirmed that a third DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors Legends on Nintendo 3DS with Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks elements is available today. Source: MyNintendoNews