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  1. This version of the game is already patched so you can use Wiimmfi. Download Here: MEGA: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. [MEGA][WBFS] Brawl- (Version 4.0b!) 9-5-2015

    Sorry, since the game uses BrawlEx (which doesn’t work nice with WBFS files) and unsuccessful attempts to build it I can not give you the latest version. I would like it to be the latest version, but no can do.
  3. I might make a post with all the good MKW mods...
  4. This version of the game is already patched so you can use Wiimmfi. Information: Download Here: MEGA: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Neo Mario Galaxy - WBFS

    I don't know. I hate solving problems like this. *cries* Try using this save file: [Hidden Content]
  6. Those are just simple mods where you replace the 3D model (BRRES) with a different character (and the possibilities are endless). Those don't add any new levels or anything else so they're not that interesting to me.
  7. Complete Collection of New Super Mario Bros. Wii Mods These are for use on a USB Loader. Description: List of Games: Download Here: MEGA: [Hidden Content]
  8. Neo Mario Galaxy - WBFS

    Was afraid there would be a crash for someone. I hope that you can still continue after picking up the second star?
  9. Cliff Super Mario Bros. Wii 1.3.1 - WBFS

    Game updated to latest version. You also need to import the save file or else you'll be stuck in World 1.
  10. August 2017 - Member of the Month

    Congratulations for getting MotM!
  11. Project M 3.6 - WBFS

    Fixed it.
  12. ExNihilo's CUSTOM Index Thread

    Good job on this!
  13. Neo Mario Galaxy - WBFS

    This version is for USB Loaders only. This mod was made by Aurum. Credits: Features: Screenshots: Video: Download Here: NOTE: I have heard a complaint of the game crashing after beating the second level. If that happens to you, use this save file: [Hidden Content] MEGA: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. Rhythm Heaven Fever Repainted - WBFS

    Updated the WBFS, it seems that the edited music wasn't working.
  15. Project M 3.6 - WBFS

    (I don't know who reads this far.) Finally. After a very long time, I finally updated the WBFS to version 3.6.