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  1. nanashinoappuri89

    Request: Timespinners

    Releases Tuesday, can someone buy and dump, please? Thanks in advance!
  2. nanashinoappuri89

    SEGA Dreamcast (reicast) Emulator + 22 games

    Can someone reupload the Dreamcast ROMS to Google Drive? Don't think I can download them all at once without it accidentally being stopped.
  3. nanashinoappuri89

    SEGA Dreamcast (reicast) Emulator + 22 games

    ??? Where is the DL link for the 22 games?
  4. nanashinoappuri89

    Akihabara CRASH! 123STAGE+1, please?

    [Hidden Content] And DLC, if possible, please? Thanks in advance!
  5. Can you upload the US update for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker?
  6. What program do you use? The one you shared doesn't wanna work...
  7. OK have it working, but now, I wanna know how to add new games, including fan-translations and ROM Hacks.
  8. I don't have a DevMenu that works with 6.2.0, do you?
  9. Uninstalled 2.0 and the base NSP, re-installed the base NSP and 1.2. STILL gives me the nag.
  10. It tells me a software update is required, and it won't let me play.
  11. How do I add my own games? Wanna see about adding Metal Max, and others.
  12. It's stuck on the bootscreen, after starting it.