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  1. 1.- That's a post to Switch Homebrew. 2.- Run with/out overclock and undocked perfectly?
  2. Legendrez

    DevMenu .nsp (upto 8.0.1 supported)

    Images? Videos? Proof?
  3. Pikachu Has been deleted, I’m downloading first. If works i’ve Been upload again with screenshot
  4. Pokemon Let's Go Eevee Trailer Links Enjoy IT! NOTE: All links have ONLY 1 shortener "uii" To avoid discomfort I have decided not to place more than 1 since it is a nuisance to be shortened in shortener. I am from of Venezuela and in my country earn $ 2 per month with minimum salarium, it is a very complicated situation ... Placing a shortener would greatly help me and my family environment, I hope it will not be a nuisance for this beautiful community. Thank you very much for your attention and enjoy the Game!
  5. The password is incorrect...
  6. ? Sounds like space of sd card error, try with official tinfoil.