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  1. KayShyGuy

    [NSP] New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

    Can someone confirm this is legit thx
  2. GD link as well please
  3. The YouTube NSP was patched to allow video capture so I was wondering if it was possible for the same thing to be done with an actual game like SSBU
  4. I dont need it I dont need it I DEFINITELY dont need it......................................
  5. KayShyGuy

    Smash bros ultimate NSX

    When the titlekey drops. With the nsx/nsp all you can do is install the preload on your switch. It wont start but its cool to have at least
  6. KayShyGuy

    smash nsx

    Does anyone know how to make the nsx installable? I mean like an actual installable preload version
  7. KayShyGuy

    smash nsx

    when the titlekey drops, we just use NUT to combine the titleley and the nsx and it will make the NSP, right?