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  1. My original question topic has not been answered by mod teams. I see no unlocks from Link420 or softcobra, so why should they be rewarded with profit from all the users of this site. The people that unlock these games do it for the community, and the few that place them behind ad links are only benefiting from a simple user's lack of knowledge of where else to go to find these 100% free links. Why this behavior is rewarded is beyond me, and it leaves this site exactly that. A new user's first stop on their journey through switch piracy. when they realize everything here is promoting layers of ads, they seek, and easily find better sources. I cannot understand why this website is willingly leaving themselves in the realm of "n00b" stop. As many others have stated, if this place wasn't full of ad ridden links, and promoted users to contribute in a healthy way, this site probably would be more active and a better place for the community. Or keep clicking those ads for people who do way less work than they claim to
  2. Then why aren't you buying games with the money you are raising? If you require funds to do what you do, you shouldn't be doing it. The scene is plenty covered with people that refuse to take contributions for their work, and only ask the community to pull together and unlock new games. What games have you unlocked? You seem to be dodging the question originally asked by this thread exactly
  3. wow, look at all these ad free, free links. Wow It's almost like, it isn't hard for the uploaders and they do it out of love While others operate off of greed and the need to feel reimbursed for what plenty other do for free
  4. lmfao, really? Here's one, updated, no ads, free STICKIED in the forums you post in are you willingly ignoring legitimate uploaders that do this for the community? Also my posts? Noticed that too edit: im dumb and linked the forums, i admit that
  5. he literally gave you many examples of people willing to do that. Seems like there aren't many willing to stoop low enough to make money on those charitable efforts. Good job mate, just showed you are one of the lows..
  6. lmfao You realize everywhere else for switch nsp's is provided 100% free of charge, behind no ad links. You realize the up-loaders you are mirroring are actively working to rid everyone from the annoyance of your ad ridden links Please leave to other sites, you are not needed here. Switch NSP's is covered much better than by you or link420 or softcobra. Again, all 100% free of charge and ad links. If you feel this way, stop uploading.
  7. I just can't believe that the admins of this site allow the ad links in the first place. Especially after it's all coming out that their contributions are 0, besides ad links. If I mirror one of the 12 discord stashes and post behind ads, do I get mod?
  8. So if the general public is against them, but admins keep them for the click revenue, the general public is ignored. I see
  9. It is refreshing to see someone on the community side who will not just censor things that go against their agenda. And if they do delete this post or ban me, it just further shows that they know what they are doing, and still trying to milk the community that doesn't know the best places to go, dry. Thank you for being one of the good ones.
  10. EDIT by Zazaaji - Head Admin's reply: I imagine the mods are already hot on my post, ready to delete this. But, hear me out, as deleting this just proves how corrupt this place is. All I ask, is one single receipt, Proof of sale, proof that either of these two leechers even know what they are doing beyond mirroring NSP's These guys are your top "contributors" but are activly seeking out and destroying community members that provide these games for 100% free. All I'm asking, is for either Link420, or SoftCobraWeb, to provide any shed of proof that they are doing anything more than finding NSP's, that are all hosted for free on Gdrive in MANY discords, and claiming them as their own, behind ad links, to keep their own pockets full. If you cannot provide this, or this post gets deleted to censor the truth, than DU is 100% corrupt and only has it's own "pay for piracy" interests at heart, and does not care in the slightest about the goals the ACTUAL scene is trying to accomplish.. Thank you for your time and I look forward to my ban.
  11. jfosheezy

    Pocket Academy [NSP]+Paladin [NSP]

    Terrible practice, uploading community unlocked roms and claiming them as your own unlocks Link420 has unlocked 0 items for the community, and only benefits from the hard work of said community must be hard to be putting ad links behind all these games, link Good job being scum