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  1. [REQUEST] Lego Incredibles

    Not dumped yet please check here [Hidden Content]
  2. [REQUEST] Stardew Valley XCI Dump

    Check here for dumped releases. [Hidden Content]
  3. [REQ] Octopath Traveler Dump

    Not dumped yet. Check here first [Hidden Content]
  4. REQ [1F] Fallen Legion : Rise to Glory

    Has not been dumped yet. Please check here [Hidden Content]
  5. [REQ] Fast RMX , Crash Nsane Trilogy

    Not dumped yet please check here [Hidden Content]
  6. Nintendo Switch Help Required

    Hello All, Please be nice to the newbie. With Nintendo switch when i have a backup of my game and i have .xci + .nfo + .sfv can someone please kindly explain which files go onto the root of the sd card on the switch? Thanks Heaps
  7. Cemu Wii U Emulator x64 WindowsPC

    Thanks Link at main post in down