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    In no particular order - movies (especially sci-fi and horror), lawn bowling, alcohol, console games, women

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  1. Normanity

    Join our Team - Moderator Applications! [CLOSED]

    A warm welcome to all new staff members and special congrats to @mastershoes
  2. Yeah, yeah – I can hear most of you shouting at the screen now. “What’s this? I hacked my Wii U ages ago! Heck, I’ve almost completed LOZBOTW already!!” Well, some folks are having problems so I thought I’d throw in the guide I used – and if it helps just one person then my job here is done. I take zero credit for anything included in the below link The guide is a transcript of a video posted on YouTube with some minor alterations ~ a HUGE thank you goes to BaCkuPFDTos ~ The files were obtained via links in the YouTube video description – all I did was download them then upload them to my own MEGA account Apparently this will allow you to download and play games from any region – though to date I have only downloaded EUR games, but so far every one of them has worked. No messing about with tickets !!! All the files you need are included in the link below – total size 12.2 MB You will need to provide the following – Wii U on firmware 5.5.1 with internet connection A virtual console (VC) game from the Nintendo Eshop External HDD ~ should have its own power supply and be no bigger than 2 TB SD card ~ minimum 16 GB / recommend normal size card – micro SD cards sometimes do not work Windows PC Program to extract archives – e.g. 7Zip or ALZip The process is quite lengthy ………. first you download the game and any available update / dlc to your PC then you copy everything from your PC to your SD card then you transfer everything from your SD card to the HDD ………. but what you end up with are the games loaded on the main menu of the Wii U Some words of wisdom It does say in the guide that your Wii U MUST be clean and on firmware 5.5.1 If you have already messed with other hacks or custom firmwares I cannot guarantee this will work for you Obviously, I accept no responsibility if anything does go wrong As I said at the beginning of my post, I hope this helps at least one person – have fun and enjoy ! [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  3. Normanity

    Please Welcome our new Staff!

    Thanx man - coming from you that really means a lot to me
  4. Normanity

    Please Welcome our new Staff!

    Congratulations and welcome to staff @faith genesis raven and @DreamHazard. Seeing what you guys have been doing on DU I am certain you will both be great additions to the team and an asset to Dark Umbra. And of course I have to thank @ShadowPuppet and @JasonP27 for my promotion. I'm sure everyone knows how much I love this place and I will continue to do whatever I can whenever I can to make this place even awesomer (if that's possible). Thanx @mastershoes for putting me forward for a Mod, good call ! - and finally thanx to all staff and members, past and present, who have helped me along the way - without your support and guidance I could never have done the job.
  5. Normanity

    Information on Topic Tags

    Nice one @JasonP27 - concise and informative
  6. Normanity

    What Are You Listening To?

    Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - Black - starring Norah Jones [Hidden Content]
  7. Normanity

    What Are You Listening To?

    [Hidden Content]
  8. Good start ~ thanx for contributing I'm not one for game guides myself but there's nothing worse than getting stuck half way through a game and missing the remainder because you don't have a clue of what you should be doing next. There are many games I have owned over the years where I've missed the ending and it really gets to me. Unless you have friends who have the same game there's nowhere else you can go except Guidesville. Looking forward to watch this thread grow ~ well done !!
  9. Normanity

    What Are You Listening To?

    Wow - A Jefferson fan - good choice of music. I've got all their albums and listen to them regularly - can't beat a bit of Grace Slick huh ?
  10. Normanity

    What Are You Listening To?

    American Edit is a mashup album released by Party Ben and Team9 under the shared alias Dean Gray. Its primary basis is the Green Day album American Idiot — the name "Dean Gray" is a spoonerism of "Green Day. The album was an internet-only release with no intent of commercial gain; Dean Gray asked fans who enjoyed the album to donate to charities Green Day had been known to support. Nevertheless, only 10 days after its November 18, 2005, release, the American Edit website was shut down, reportedly after receiving a cease and desist order from Green Day's label, Warner Records, despite the fact Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong expressed an interest in the album after hearing on the radio "Boulevard of Broken Songs." The website returned online soon after but without inclusion of the music. In 2008 an unofficial extended version of the album was released online. Subtitled "Deluxe Edition 2008", this version of the album featured the same original 11 tracks plus and additional 4 new songs, "Can't Get A Life," "Country Basket," "I Like American Idiots," and "Greenday Triple Tracker," from DJ Pegasus, who had no part in the original album.
  11. Normanity

    What Are You Listening To?

    Rudderless OST
  12. Normanity

    [Wii] How to install DML or DM (Dios Mios)

    This is your first and final warning - Spamming or posting gibberish will get you banned – I will be monitoring your posts for a while
  13. Normanity

    Google Image Game

    destiny angel
  14. Normanity

    Google Image Game

    Rob Roy MacGregor
  15. Normanity

    Google Image Game

    neeps n tatties