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    In no particular order - movies (especially sci-fi and horror), lawn bowling, alcohol, console games, women

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  1. Normanity

    Join our Team - Moderator Applications! [CLOSED]

    A warm welcome to all new staff members and special congrats to @mastershoes
  2. Normanity

    ExNihilo's PAL Index Thread

    Welcome to the world of uploading. Thanx for your hard work - I'm sure many people will appreciate your contributions.
  3. SOME01 632 MB Special thanx to @Larsenv for downloading this game and uploading to MEGA [hide][Hidden Content]] Enjoy ! ( and please click the LIKE THIS button )
  4. Normanity

    [MEGA] Pikmin 2 (WBFS NTSC-U)

    R92E01 1.91 GB Special thanx to @Larsenv for downloading this game and uploading to MEGA [hide][Hidden Content]] Enjoy ! ( and please click the LIKE THIS button )
  5. SQKE5G 968 MB Two games in one Special thanx to @Larsenv for downloading this game and uploading to MEGA [Hidden Content] Enjoy ! ( and please click the LIKE THIS button )
  6. Yeah, yeah – I can hear most of you shouting at the screen now. “What’s this? I hacked my Wii U ages ago! Heck, I’ve almost completed LOZBOTW already!!” Well, some folks are having problems so I thought I’d throw in the guide I used – and if it helps just one person then my job here is done. I take zero credit for anything included in the below link The guide is a transcript of a video posted on YouTube with some minor alterations ~ a HUGE thank you goes to BaCkuPFDTos ~ The files were obtained via links in the YouTube video description – all I did was download them then upload them to my own MEGA account Apparently this will allow you to download and play games from any region – though to date I have only downloaded EUR games, but so far every one of them has worked. No messing about with tickets !!! All the files you need are included in the link below – total size 12.2 MB You will need to provide the following – Wii U on firmware 5.5.1 with internet connection A virtual console (VC) game from the Nintendo Eshop External HDD ~ should have its own power supply and be no bigger than 2 TB SD card ~ minimum 16 GB / recommend normal size card – micro SD cards sometimes do not work Windows PC Program to extract archives – e.g. 7Zip or ALZip The process is quite lengthy ………. first you download the game and any available update / dlc to your PC then you copy everything from your PC to your SD card then you transfer everything from your SD card to the HDD ………. but what you end up with are the games loaded on the main menu of the Wii U Some words of wisdom It does say in the guide that your Wii U MUST be clean and on firmware 5.5.1 If you have already messed with other hacks or custom firmwares I cannot guarantee this will work for you Obviously, I accept no responsibility if anything does go wrong As I said at the beginning of my post, I hope this helps at least one person – have fun and enjoy ! [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  7. Normanity

    WudMerge - Auto merge and USB-Install maker

    @Blubberman4U ~ do you want to reply to the previous comment from @TediPower ?
  8. Normanity

    Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles (WBFS NTSC-J)

    @Larsenv ~ Do you want to respond to the above post from @Deniii ?
  9. Normanity

    ISO: Call of duty black op II

    @zach_a_ary ~ Your post has been moved to REQUESTS
  10. Normanity

    Illvelo Wii (WBFS NTSC-J)

    @Larsenv ~ pleez check link
  11. Normanity

    Naruto Shippuuden: Ryujinki (WBFS NTSC-J)

    @Larsenv pleez check the link - loops back to DU
  12. Normanity

    Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4 (WBFS NTSC-J)

    @Larsenv can you check out the link pleez
  13. Normanity

    Jikkyou Powerful Pro Major League 2 (WBFS NTSC-J)

    @Larsenv ~ can you check the link please
  14. Normanity

    Jikkyou Powerful Major League 3 (WBFS NTSC-J)

    @Larsenv ~ can you check the link please