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  1. patricios

    atelier lulua us version

    me too, all i see is assassins creed III links,this game is not for everyone it seems.
  2. patricios

    atelier lulua us version

    the game is oficial out tomorrow 21 may can anyone upload the game. thank you.
  3. patricios

    save wizard ps4

    can anyone tell me if there s a chance i can get this program for ps4 for free , i have seen on you tube some links but i think is just scams. can anyone tell me if is possible hack my saves for ps4 my console is not hacked.
  4. can anyone please share ,the game is out 20/03/2019 jap version -two days left thanks
  5. Can anyone please upload on Google drive if possible the new atelier game japonese version Nelke to Densetsu no Renkinjutsushi Tachi ~ Aratana Daichi no Atelier thank you