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  1. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper WiiU DLC

    I think it will be better in split archives, but i dont rly care. About password it doesnt matter for me, and for install DLC i just use WUP installer after installing game. I gonna search at YT how to create tittle.tik file so i think it wouldnt be problem for me. thx dude.
  2. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper WiiU DLC

    So im trying to search DLC for Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper WiiU for few days already, bbut onyly thing i manage to find is descryption what they have. Can someone upload them here? It would be greate help for me. Im searching for EU version installed via WUP installer. Im not sure, but mayby i can start US ver. too (I have Haxichi installed on my Wii U). If somone have US DLC and i can lunch US region game, this would be greate help too, but then tell me if i can lunch game for sure. Thx in advance.
  3. how to install Wii game onto Wii U

    ok. thx. so now i have one more question: can i use flash memory drive (pendrive) to store wii games, and how fast they gonna work? Also how much space they need (2-3GB right?)? Becouse on this moment i dont have money to spend on new HDD.
  4. Like in topic: how to insall Wii games into wii U. from what i read its possible (at least for some tittles), or at least play backups. I have few more questions too: 1. at this forum i found Zelda Skyward sword (wii) which can be installed via WUP installer. How to convert WBFS to WUP installer or i need to find game which is already in that format? 2. Can i have games for WII and WiiU on same external HDD drive? some sites said i can and some said i cant. booth use same format so this shouldn`t be problem right? 3. can i burn ISO/WBFS on DVD and lunch it on wii u? of course for all questions i ask what programs i need too.
  5. Wii games for Wii U

    I search Wii games in EU region (especially Pandora Tower) which i can install on WiiU. is it even possible?
  6. Loading WiiU Updates

    there are 3 ways to update game (2 for game backup/pirated version and 1 for oryginal games): for loadiine you just replace files (overwrite them). and for WUPinstaler you need to: 1. put game files into your SD card 2. install it via WUP Installer 3. remove game files from your SD card 4. put Update files into your SD card 5. install update via WUPInstaller for WUP installer you can also use WUPinstaller Y which dont need to 1st put game, then update, but you still need to 1st install game, THEN update. As for games which you have on disc you just update them normally but you propably known this.
  7. Wup Installer gx2 + Mocha CFW help

    im still kinda green in this, but mayby i can help: 1. what device you use? if you use Flash drive USB some ppl said/write its not rly good/recommanded, becouse you can lose data/you have limited number of rewrite data on it (dunno how it work rly). 2. check how much free space you have on device you wanna intall game/program, etc. Its in settings->2nd option(memory)-> delete/copy data (eather way in that menu choose your device. it should free some space from "corrupted" files (when instalation was interupted)). 3. Try to wait a little mayby (depends how long you waited already). its not 0% which is matter but how many space MB it install. If you look at Pokken and Bayoneta 2 then Pokken isnt even 5GB Bayonetta2 is 15GB+, which make 1% of installation from one game 3% installation of other. You can look onyly at %. 4. try use WUP installer y mod. its basiclly same thing, but mayby gonna help.
  8. USB for WiiU

    I wanna buy flash drive USB for Wii U, but i wander if its worth to spend money on 3.0, becouse they have 2 times higher prices than 2.0. My question is: do i need Y cable for flash drive USB 3.0? And how much faster is it compared to 2.0?
  9. dont work for me. some other way? or other turtorial becouse mayby i dont understund something here.
  10. I tried to find this game, but i just CANT. I would be rly glad if someoe can upload it.
  11. Like in topic. i wander if there is ANY way to boot games which i have on SD card without being connected to internet? It will be rly nice becouse soon holydays start, and i dont known how connection gonna look for me.
  12. How to Update it and add DLC so it gonna work on WiiU? just overwrite files like for Cemu?