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  1. It works if you use ignore firmware with Tinfoil. Don't install with SX Installer since it doesn't have that option (if you're using SXOS on a lower firmware, just download Tinfoil instead) For those interested, the ID and version of this update are: [010075600AE96800] [v131072]
  2. nvm out of date 7zip, seems to work fine Thanks for sharing
  3. Everything he ever uploaded got deleted, i guess he took a dmca takedown or just deleted himself. Shame, he uploaded a lot of good stuff
  4. I just don't bother with SO anymore, way too slow. I wouldn't mind if it was some Snes rom but Switch games can take an entire day to download at 30KB/s. Thankfully there is plenty of other uploaders using GD or 1F which gives me full speed.