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  1. constrained

    [REQUEST] Starlink Battle additional download files

    On 5.1 it demands a software update. Even says 'Internet download required' on the games cover. I red something about 6 gigs of data. Which version are you using that it lets you play without any downloaded content? Installing the 1.0.2 update via tinfoil and ignoring the firmware requirement lets me start the game without the update nag but stops with an unknown error on the Nintendo screen...
  2. constrained

    [REQUEST] Starlink Battle additional download files

    Anyone? How would users with banned consoles play titles like Starlink or Wolfenstein that require download data?
  3. Hey guys, since my Switch is still on 5.1 i cannot download those gigabyte of extra files required to play Starlink Battle for Atlas without updating to 6.2. Are these files available as a scene release somehow? Cheers
  4. constrained


    awesome, have been waiting for ages to test out how this runs on switch! thanks for uploading!
  5. great work bro, checkin this out