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  1. I get an error on my hactool output: Saving main to Mario\exefs\main... Saving main.npdm to Mario\exefs\main.npdm... Saving rtld to Mario\exefs\rtld... Saving sdk to Mario\exefs\sdk... Saving subsdk0 to Mario\exefs\subsdk0... Saving Section 1 to Mario\romfs.bin?... Size: 0000760c9a90 Failed to open Mario\romfs.bin?! Done! It does not create a romfs.bin file? What am I doing wrong?
  2. sharky48

    [WBFS] Mario Party 8 PAL

    Great, hope it still works
  3. sharky48

    [WBFS] Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales PAL

    This is cool
  4. sharky48

    eshop / WiiU : 3D Covers

  5. sharky48

    [71] CIA Collection [Dub and Undub]

    Wow, nice collection. ty
  6. sharky48

    Amiibo Collection

  7. sharky48

    [REQUEST] Looking for these Wii U games (EUR/PAL Region)

    NES Remix Pack was never released in Europe for the WiiU Check Wikipedia, on the right side, click on "show" after the release date(s). You need a USA/NTSC version converted to EUR/PAL.
  8. sharky48

    New Super Luigi U EUR WiiU ABSTRAKT