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  1. regnad


    Why the hell does this need to be broken up into eight files and password protected? I'll wait until this is posted like a normal person.
  2. regnad

    [REQUEST] Aqua TV nsp

    Please please please please please please?
  3. regnad


  4. regnad

    [REQUEST] Aqua TV nsp

    Please please please please please?
  5. regnad

    [REQUEST] Aqua TV nsp

    Please please please please please?
  6. regnad


    I dunno. I've downloaded it from two sites, I've tried using HJ Split, no matter what I do I get "corrupt file or wrong password" from WinRAR. Why is a password necessary? Why is a split file necessary? Edit: FWIW Softcobra put it up on his site without any passwords or split file bullshit.
  7. regnad


    Password doesn't work. Why is a password necessary? Why is it necessary to split such a small file?
  8. regnad

    Eshop - Tangrams Deluxe No ad BS.

    Yow! I've been looking for this for forever! Thanks! Do you think you can get Aqua TV?
  9. regnad

    [REQUEST] Aqua TV nsp

    This came out over a month ago. Anyone who could post it would make me a happy camper!
  10. regnad

    [REQUEST] Crashlands nsp

    Surprised this hasn't shown up yet! I'd imagine there'd be some interest!
  11. Thank you so much for Machinarium in your latest update!! I'm looking for the following that have been out for a month or so but haven't shown up anywhere here: Aqua TV, Tangrams Deluxe. Do you think you might be able to find them?
  12. All of these eShop titles are out. Any of them would make me hit the like button with a heart full of appreciation and blood.
  13. Does 6.1 cause any problems? I've read from some people running into problems with it, but I'm not sure if it's just individuals having their own unique problems, or if it's something everyone is encountering.