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  1. regnad

    Gone Home

    Wow! You're a hero!
  2. regnad

    Gone Home

    Starting to think we aren't going to get this game
  3. You're awesome. Thank you very very much.
  4. regnad

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    The best would be a tutorial to do this ourselves so we can remove games we don't want. or ideally an app like Hakchi that can simplify the process.
  5. Do you think you can get Gone Home? That's been out a while, but hasn't appeared here.
  6. Wonderful excellent! Thank you so much!
  7. Apparently this is a torrent link. Boo. OP, can you upload this directly?
  8. regnad

    Nintendo Entertainment System, NES, gdrive

    The next obvious thing is for some clever person to develop a way to make an NSP using this emulator but with our own choice of games.
  9. regnad

    [REQUEST] Gone home switch nsp

    Really strange this one has never been released.
  10. Bad North has a new 1.02 update out. Do you think you can get it? Also Gone Home was released about two weeks ago. Do you think you can find that too? As always thanks for everything you do here!!
  11. regnad

    [SO] Surgeon Simulator CPR NSW eShop - iND

    Thanks a bunch!! Do you think you might be able to get Gone Home?
  12. regnad

    Gone Home

    Really surprised. It's been out over a week.
  13. regnad

    [REQUEST] Gone home switch nsp

    Surprised this hasn't been dumped. It's been out a week already.