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  1. regnad

    [Request] A hat in time

    Odd that this still hasn't shown up yet.
  2. Can someone add Tactics Ogre with the English language patch?
  3. Oh, so that's why that crashes for me, too. Is there nothing to be done about that?
  4. In addition it's closed source and the dev has abandoned it, which means it will never be compatible with FW9.0
  5. Maybe I'm missing it, but I only see how to add games, not how to remove them.
  6. Is this working for anyone? Several replies on sciresm's Twitter feed say it crashes. Also what's this? WHat does it mean that it's IRREVERSABLE? Why would this be something I need to worry about? Firmware update 9.0 updated the gamecard reader firmware! If you want to use your gamecard reader but don't want to burn your fuses, you have to disable autonogc within the hekate GUI. THIS IS IRREVERSIBLE!
  7. regnad

    Golazo [NSP]

    Requires 8.1, doesn't it? It doesn't work on 7 for me.
  8. Is there another place to get 9.0 FW? This thread is the only one I know of now that the Discord search bot is dead.
  9. 9.0 compatible AMS is almost ready for release. Does anyone know where to get 9.0 FW?
  10. This came out yesterday [Hidden Content]
  11. regnad


    There's a sub specifically for requests. Posting here with the title "Forager" is going to just make people angry because they assume you are posting a link to the game.
  12. regnad

    👍 Death Coming + Update v1.0.1

    I'm getting Error 404
  13. regnad

    Jim Is Moving Out NSP

    "You need permission"