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  1. JasonP27

    New Super Mario Bros. U Hacking Starter Kit

    Thanks for this, this is great stuff!
  2. JasonP27

    Please Welcome our new Staff!

    Welcome to staff @faith genesis raven and @DreamHazard! Congrats to you both and welcome new Co-Admin @Normanity! I'd like to acknowledge the other members that applied, thank you and please don't hesitate to try again next time as it was not an easy decision, some of you are on the short list so keep up the good work!
  3. JasonP27

    [MEGA] Hootie & the Blowfish – Cracked Rear View (mp3)

    I couldn't find a seeded torrent of this. Thanks!
  4. JasonP27

    Opportunity Comes a Knockin'

    RSS would be OK except a lot of news really isn't worth posting from most sites, plus the formatting would likely be an issue. For example all links would need to be removed automatically.
  5. JasonP27

    DU 4.0 Bugs

    say wut?
  6. JasonP27

    Opportunity Comes a Knockin'

    This is always on the table but it requires someone to garner interest, create, and moderate the tournament. Any volunteers?
  7. JasonP27

    DU 4.0 Bugs

    We are aware of this issue and have contacted IPS regarding the bug. We thought they had corrected the issue but it remains. @mastershoes plans on creating a new thread with the same content and we will then delete the offending threads. If you do come across any more threads with issues like this one please let us know as this is the only one we are aware of with this issue after the upgrade. Thanks!
  8. First, I'd like to take this opportunity to say hello to all the new members that have recently signed up and that have enough interest in DarkUmbra as a community to actually read this topic. You've just taken the first step. Welcome to DU! How do like DarkUmbra so far? Care to make it even better? You see, we strive to not only to provide the latest content but also to provide a good community to visit for news, gaming and tech discussion, tutorials, and help and support. The forum thrives because of its dedicated members, and we're always watching to see who is helping around the forum with things like posting news and discussions, helping people in the shoutbox and Help & Support forum, and/or uploading content. This kind of work pays off for everyone because it helps keep DU going and every contribution helps make DU the fantastic place it is. So thank you to all those that have contributed to DU, now, before, and in the future. That being said, we're always looking for ways to invigorate the forum. We've been thinking of ways to get more of the community involved, and we'd like your opinions on how we can accomplish that. One of the ideas we've had is Competitions. Competitions could range from making theme-based signatures or solving a riddle; prizes can vary from special privileges on the forum, Member of the Month status, or a physical or digital prize. We're eager to start these soon so keep an eye out! If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the community aspect we'd love to know what you think! We'll soon be looking to add some members to official positions on the forum. Generally these are reserved for those that contribute a steady supply of content to the forum, whether that be News Hounds providing news and reviews or Uploaders providing links to downloads. Those that participate in this community earn the opportunity to eventually apply for a staff position, if the time comes that we decide we need to expand the staff roster. Keep your eye out for more information and news regarding forum positions soon! - DarkUmbra Staff
  9. JasonP27

    DU 4.0 Bugs

    it works :)
  10. JasonP27

    Question Example Topic

    You can see how up-voting affects the sort order of posts by clicking between SORT BY DATE and SORT BY RATING. Thanks for the help guys.
  11. JasonP27

    Question Example Topic

    How does one properly use the features of a Questions style forum?
  12. A Questions forum is set up to allow members to ask the community for help on any given topic. Ask a Question, and wait for Answers. Answers can be rated by up-voting or down-voting them. Answers with higher ratings appear at the top. This allows other members to participate by up-voting Answers they believe are correct or helpful. The "Best Answer" feature allows others to quickly see that your question has been answered satisfactorily and will allow other Questions to take higher priority in the Help & Support forum. Please mark the "Best Answer" when you no longer need help with the issue. If you have sorted out your own issue please let us know by posting your own Answer and marking it as 'Best Answer'. The Questions forum displays a list of topics like any other forum, however it's slightly different in that it will show by default Questions with No "Best Answer" (or Popular Questions) at the top of the forum, and below will show by last post date as normal. Example: For an example topic, read the Question Example Topic - DarkUmbra Staff
  13. JasonP27

    DU 4.0 Bugs

    OFF TOPIC: Most routers allow you to modify the local network / DHCP settings to give specific devices persistent IP address allocation. Meaning you could force them to use different non-conflicting addresses.
  14. Simply put, topic tags are useful for making content easier to find. We only require file host topic tags for our Content Sharing forum, and Console/Device tags for tutorials posted in the Tutorials forum. Elsewhere, topic tags are rarely required but we highly recommend using them when suitable. How to use the forum's Topic Tagging System 1. Create a new topic or edit the first post of your existing topic. Keep the topic's Title information to the point, and use tags to give further information about the post and content. Set the file host as Item prefix if the topic contains download links to content or set the console, iDevice, PC etc for Tutorial topics. 2. You can add multiple tags for any given topic. There are many pre-defined tags that can assist you in tagging your topic. Just start typing and a list of recommended tags will appear. 3. If done correctly, the tag selected as Item prefix will appear before the topic title when viewing the forum list, with all other tags appearing after it. Tags not only make selecting your content easier for members searching the site, but also those simply browsing the forum as well. Thank you for taking the time to learn the proper way to use the forum's tagging system! - DarkUmbra Staff P.S. If you have any issues with tagging or searching for content please create a topic in the Help & Support section here.
  15. JasonP27

    DU 4.0 Bugs

    @mastershoes reported seeing the same thing, I wonder how wide-spread the issue is.