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  1. Any body has Mario party 9 loadiine ready???

    Mario party 9 is a Wii only game, not a Wii U game, so there is no loadiine version. If you want the game look for an iso or wbfs file. Hope this helps.
  2. [WII U] Updsate LEGO® DIMENSIONS™

    What do you need help with? Did you get the game through NUS or download? If NUS, then 0005000E-10195D00 is the code for the update. 00050000 means the game, 0005000E means update, and 0005000C is DLC. You need the ticket to decrypt the game, updates, and DLC, but updates come with the ticket straight from the NUS. If you downloaded the game, then let me know, and I'll grab the update. Any specific version of update? Also using PC or WiiU?
  3. Wii U 5.5.2 homebrew

    Glad to hear it helped you pieeater2015 When you said you tried twice, does that mean both tries worked or the second try worked? I'm leaving the west server up til monday. If no one mentions that it works when the main site doesn't, then I don't see the point in running the west server.
  4. HELLO

    If the link is covered up, try clicking the like button for the comment containing the hidden link. That's what I've been doing. Hopefully this helps
  5. HELLO

    Welcome to you too smokey. How are you?
  6. Wii U 5.5.2 homebrew

    Did you give it 20 seconds to work? Are you closer to the east coast or the west coast of Canada? If east coast, then I will have to do more research into the problem. If west coast, I set up a temporary server in Sanfransico. Try west.steamdragon.us if that doesn't work, let me know. I want to try and understand the problem better. I think distance may affect the success of the homebrew, but not 100% sure. Let me know how the west server turns out, so I can know if I should keep the server up. Last resort would be using a server in Toronto, but it didn't look like it was far from NY.
  7. HELLO

    Nice to meet you too. If you don't mind me asking, what consoles do you have? Any games you are looking forward to getting?
  8. Wii U 5.5.2 homebrew

    I set up a 5.5.2 exploit on a remote server. No guarantee it will work for your though. I tested it on my NY server from PA, worked all 3 times I tried it. If it doesn't work for you, tell me and I'll see if I can figure the problem out. Thanks goes to the people at [Hidden Content] for the server code First, download homebrew launcher v1.4 from here: [Hidden Content] Extract the wiiu folder with its contents to your SD card. So sd:/wiiu Insert SD into WiiU, and start the wii u up. Load the Web browser on the wiiu and go to [Hidden Content] or wiiu.steamdragon.us for short. Click exploit WORKING and enjoy (hopefully) If anyone feels like donating to keep the server running, let me know. Not that I really need much money, my server setup is fairly cheap Edit: sorry for the temporary outage and moving the page, I have some stuff I want to try on the main page. It hopefully won't get taken down or moved again. Edit 2: Fixed a mistake with the link. Clicking it on PC takes you to wrong site. Edit 3: Server shut down. If you want it back up for temporary use let me know. Sadly keeping the server paid for is a bit too troublesome. Temporarily setting up is much cheaper and easier, so pm me if you really want it back up for short periods of time.
  9. LIKE Limit?

    I never knew there was a like limit. Is there some way to share content without hiding it behind likes? It's not like I really need them, just want to make sure only forum users can see the links and passwords.
  10. Yo

    Hi Mike, my day has been pretty good. Busy trying to get a backup internet plan set up and just finished playing a session Mario Party Star Rush. What about you?
  11. 3ds Friend Codes here!

    Hey anyone want to play multiplayer? From what I read, if I install cfw and a cia of the game I want to play, I can play online too. Not sure if flash carts work with multiplayer though. So if anyone is up for a game of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I'm here. I'm also willing to play other games too, just let me know what you want to play. Official firmware or cfw, real cart or cia, anything 3ds or 2ds, old or new, any game, all are welcome. My ign is skeer, friend code: 1307-0619-6324 Please pm or post here so I (or others) know that you came DU. Have fun and have a nice day
  12. cars 3 eur wiiu loadiine ready2play

    Getting it on disc, idk. The disc is some weird DVD and bluray hybrid from what I hear. Plus the edges of the discs are smooth and rounded. I wish I had a better answer but the choices I know of are: Buy or rent a disc with 5.5.1 Or update to 5.5.2 and use its exploit to either install games while you have the exploit working or install haxchi ($7 or $8 in the US ) If you want to take the second path without installing haxchi, I recommend making sure you have all the resources first. It needs a Pc and wiiu hooked up to the same WiFi. WiFi doesn't need Internet, just need a way for the wiiu to get the exploit from the Pc using the wiiu web browser. Also need an SD card with homered and appropriate home brew apps on it. You'll need to know a tiny bit about setting up a temporary local Web server. Your will also need to know how to find the PC's ip and connect to it using the wii u Web browser. If you feel like taking this route still, let me know. I can put a guide up later today. Router blocking should work just fine. Password is the name of the link. So the password is car. If it doesn't work, the download might be corrupted.
  13. cars 3 eur wiiu loadiine ready2play

    You might have some trouble with getting a disc working but if you think it might work you can give it a try. Don't forget to set up DNS so your WiiU doesn't auto update if you want to keep 5.5.1 I thought I had it set up but apparently not because I was on 5.5.2 one day. 5.5.2 is exploitablible still if you have the tech knowledge, but it's not as easy as loading up your Web browser. As soon as the 5.5.2 exploit came out I spent money and installed Haxchi. If you need any help, let me know
  14. Just Dance 2018 - Wii

    True, it should be no problem dumping, I just don't know the average amount of time it takes someone to buy (or rent) a disc and dump it. But your right, should be np.
  15. cars 3 eur wiiu loadiine ready2play

    I finished downloading it, was just waiting to see if anyone still wanted it before I upload. It's not loadiine ready yet, but it wouldn't take much to make it ready. Sounds like you want the one that can install on WiiU though. Will the EUR version work on your system? I'm packing the NUS copy in 7z archive broken into 400mb chunks. As soon as it finishes uploading, I'll pass on the mega link and password. If you would prefer Loadiine instead, let me know and I can change it. Password and link for EUR NUS: [Hidden Content]