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  1. U-Sing - 2 - Australian Edition [SU3UMR] - PAL-U

    Thanks Nihilo
  2. August 2017 - Member of the Month

    Great work Nihilo! You deserve you it. You have been working hard to help keep this a great site!
  3. Dragon Quest X (All in One Package) - [S6TJGD] - NTSC-J

    It is a 2 disc set. Hopefully you can still get your money back. Do you need the iso for disc one?
  4. New in need of serious help!

    Have you tried to play the games with Wiiflow?
  5. ExNihilo's Wii DEMO Index Thread

    Great work keep it up!
  6. Hello I have a 4tb hard drive and a 5tb hard drive. They both have 2 partitions each. The first is Fat32 (for gamecube games with nintendont) and the other is NTFS for wii games. Wiiflow will only see the first partition and not the 2nd one. I have read about people making this work but it's not working for me. I would have liked to have made only one partition but Fat32 will is limited to 2tb and gamecube iso's won't work on an NTFS drive. I appreciate any help or ideas. Thanks
  7. Request Glee StarSing Games

    I got three of them. I am just looking for CSZP00 StarSing : Glee Volume 1 v2.1 . If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks
  8. [WBFS] NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer PAL

    This just take me to a spam link
  9. a handful missing Wii games for a full set (demo)

    I was looking though your list and I wanted to request some titles if you would like to share them I would very much appreciate it. I know your going for a complete list. I did not see the singitstar Glee games on your list. I know they do exist but are hard to find. These are the one I am interested in from your collection. SingItStar Boybands vs Girlbands - SBVG3Q SingItStar The Dome - SISDOH SingItStar Schlager - SISSOH I did not see this game on your list SGI1DB - Sing IT: Dibujos Animados. I have it is it one you can use ?
  10. [REQUEST] [WII] [PAL] SU3SMR U-Sing 2 Spanish Edition

    I will keep a look out and let you know. There was a guy named bazmkt. Had everything but his threads are all gone. I wonder if anyone can get in touch with him.
  11. Request Glee StarSing Games

    Hello can anyone have these and are willing to post them? I would much appreciate it. I have an extensive Wii collection if anyone wants to trade thanks. CSZP00 StarSing : Glee Volume 1 v2.1 CTQP00 StarSing : Glee Volume 2 v1.0 CTBP00 StarSing : Glee Volume 3 v1.0 SBVG3Q - SingItStar Boybands vs Girlbands
  12. [WBFS] Wii Games - Missing

    S4SJGD Dragon Quest X - Nemureru Yuusha to Michibiki no Meiyuu Online (Japan) S6TJGD Dragon Quest X (All in One Package) (Japan) Disc 1 and 2 SIXE41 Drawsome! Tablet (USA) 5RPNJ Ram Racing (USA) SQQPVZ Disney Planes - Fire & Rescue (USA) I have these. Some are not exactly the region you were asking for. I am interested in trades. I can put together a list of what I am looking for.
  13. [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] New Super Mario Bros 21: Freedom [by Me]

    Thanks for the reup. Mega is asking for a decryption key. Can you please post the password to decrypt?
  14. [WII] Game Requests (Some might not exist)

    These links are all dead. Any chance for a reup? Thanks.
  15. [FCDN] Nintendo - Nintendo DSi (DLC) 510 Files - Updated 4/6/2016

    The top link is working but the 2nd one 4/6/2016 - Update pack for roms 482-510 is down. Thanks