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  1. Was so excited to see this page...but the downloads are no longer good...anyone willing to re-host these? :-)
  2. None of the File-sites have these games....I tried the games starting with 'B' - any chance someone could re-host them? :-)
  3. That sounds great, but I wonder what the best way to accomplish this would be; securely and quickly...perhaps hosting it somehow with Mega.nz or another service that offers encryption? I'm open to suggestions. I'd like to start some POLLS too, make it more interactive and fun to engage in building the collection; finding new games...having this collection makes me realize the boatload of great titles I ever played back in the day.... - Brett
  4. I have a collection of about 24,000 titles across over 100 platforms, all browse-able with photos (99% with front covers, a huge chunk with back covers, and many with screenshots and other pics (carts/discs) and a huge chunk with 10-30sec video clips, browse-able and selectable via BIGBOX mode...I freakin' love it.... You can also choose to play a RANDOM game and you never know what the heck is going to launch! Ha! Does anyone else here use this front-end, or what else are you using, I'm aware of Hyperspin as well, but I find Launchbox to be better for a purely computer interface Vs. an arcade cabinet, but it's a preference thing....Recently Launchbox added nested filters so now in BIGBOX you can choose to search for stuff like: "Mario" and then "sports" to find very specific titles...it's sweet. You'd think I'm making money with this, but I have 0 connections to this company/product, I just think it rocks. Does anyone need any media? covers, clips, I even have MANUALS for alot of them, and music samples for many of the games, that play as you click on them in the interface, especially the 8 and 16-bit era Nintendo/Sega stuff. - Matthew
  5. LIKE Limit?

    Hi, wondering if there is a legit/Approved way to get around the 15 Likes a day limit..I realize the need to keep things performing well and to help prevent people from exploiting this resource, but I'm wondering if a DONATION or some other contribution can be offered to overcome/increase this limit. I would like to maximize my paid membership to Mega.nz as much as possible in the time I have it. Thank you very much for this site and taking the time to read my post. - Matthew