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  1. Thanks, amazing game and hard to find!
  2. Thank you very much!
  3. I really wanted to leave a like but: You are only allowed to give 15 likes per day. You cannot give any more likes today. There's any tutorial to use this?
  4. Thanks, I'll just wait for another day, 15 likes limit per day, such unfare
  5. I don't thin you can convert WAD to WBFS, wad it's supposed to be installed on NAND emulated or real one, they're channel or virtual console games.
  6. Thanks OP, really useful, I'll get then all
  7. Here on Brazil, not many, Nintendo left us, I'm just hoping that CEMU keep improving fast!
  8. Xenoblade Chronicles Super Mario Galaxy The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Super Smash Brothers BrawlMario Kart Wii Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
  9. No thanks, Nintendo left my country on 2016, the Switch is costing almost 650USD with no warranty, it's absurd, I'll download CEMU and play zelda on my computer, and MAYBE, I said, just MAYBE i'll buy the game to support it I'm not happy with Nintendo actions on my country, it's so sad, my first console was a N64
  10. Shame on you Nintendo, they lost a great oportunity to support this creator and earn some free advertise from his work.
  11. GitHub

    I'm very impressed by the development of this emulator, amazing! Thanks
  12. MEGA

    Wow, I love these kind of games, it's so hard to find it! Thanks!