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  1. jimmydabosh

    Request Just Dance 2019 for wii u

    I'd also be grateful for a USB ready USA version of Just Dance 2019. Many thanks in advance!!
  2. It´s over on Wii U Iso, but has issues: ¨Only issue, system will freeze when you exit the game, must pull the power cable to turn off the console.¨ Remove the spaces: http:// www. wiiuiso. com/ showthread.php?t=391166
  3. Vegeta, you have to be in Mocha CFW before you start the game. Go to homebrew browser, load Mocha then load the game. If you haven´t done that it won´t load. Not sure if the update is essential but I installed that as well as the DLC pack (loading mocha each time then using WUP installer) and it works fine for me. Hope this helped.
  4. jimmydabosh

    [MF] New Super Mario Bros. PC

  5. jimmydabosh

    [MF] New Super Mario Bros. Origins

  6. jimmydabosh

    [MF] New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

  7. jimmydabosh

    [MF] New Super Mario Bros. 3

  8. jimmydabosh

    [MF] New Super Mario Bros. 2nd Quest

  9. jimmydabosh

    [MF/MEGA] New Super Mario Bros. +