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  1. I added the password. Sorry, wasn't my best of days when I updated the post. It's under the link now.
  2. All gamecube games are 1.35GB since it is the size of the mini DVD format. The game actually is 14MB - it was an N64 game that was ported to GameCube. The extra file space comes from random useless data that Nintendo stuffs on the disc.
  3. I think it might actually be WinRAR that's the problem. To be sure, try extracting from the .7z.001 file for each content pack. If it still says it's corrupted, try downloading 7zip and extracting it again.
  4. If you're subscribed to a VPN already, you could always use that to circumvent the bandwidth limit while MegaDownloader is open.
  5. It sounds like you may be missing some files in your game files directory, or something within your system is preventing cdecrypt from running. Check to be sure you have a ckey.bin, title.tmd and title.tik file in your game files directory, as they're needed to properly decrypt the files. I also can't guarantee that this method will work on any other OS than Windows, since that's what the program was compiled for. I've done everything I can to make the process of decrypting NUS content as easy as possible on Windows machines. I'm not exactly sure what the issue could be. I have updated the instructions for the manual usage of CDecrypt to be more clear, though. I don't provide the files already decrypted because there is no way to revert from this format, and it is only compatible with CEMU or Loadiine. I only share content in a format that's able to be used on Wii U hardware via installation, loadiine, or that can be played through emulation. I only have limited cloud storage space and I'm hosting two regions of the same game. I save space by doing things this way and I also try to cater to as wide a userbase as I can. It cuts down from having several different threads or even uploads for different formats of the same game across multiple regions. I believe you can, though some people have said they have had issues if they haven't installed the voice pack DLC before DLC pack 1. If you don't care about the extra language options, this is of no importance. I hope you're able to get things up and running!
  6. Nintendo is pushing system update 5.5.2U to Wii U consoles starting today. [Hidden Content] DO NOT UPDATE. It will most likely kill all homebrew functionality on your system. If your Wii U is connected to the internet, turn your router off before powering your console on, as the update process is automatic. Make sure you've properly set up your console's DNS settings to block update functionality. 1) Go to System Settings 2) Touch connections on the top right, and choose your connection 3) Go to change settings, then scroll to the right 4) Choose DNS and set it to Do not auto obtain 5) Set the DNS based on where you are: America region - Set the primary as and the secondary as Europe region - Set the primary as and the secondary as Which should filter out these domains and block updates (but still allow functionality for Miiverse, etc.): nus.c.shop.nintendowifi.net nus.cdn.c.shop.nintendowifi.net nus.cdn.shop.wii.com nus.cdn.wup.shop.nintendo.net nus.wup.shop.nintendo.net c.shop.nintendowifi.net cbvc.cdn.nintendo.net cbvc.nintendo.net
  7. You have to load Mocha CFW via Homebrew Launcher before you install. Mocha CFW will apply the necessary sigpatches for you automatically. Then, you should be able to load up WUP Installer and install the DLC. Hope this helps. Edit: You should also be installing the Voice Pack DLC before DLC Pack 1, as Voice Pack came first. The order should be: Game, update, voice pack, DLC pack 1.
  8. The DLC and the game need to be installed into the same location for it to be recognized, as far as I am aware. You could try moving over the game to your system memory, if it has the space. That's how I'm running my game, and my Wii U is fine.