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  1. Can you tell me how the Twilight Princess update .rpx works? Does it just run automatically when you run the main .rpx file?
  2. Sorry, I mean, how do I use the update .rpx file? I downloaded two files, one which seems to be the game itself, and another which looks like the update. How do I use the update, does it work automatically when you run the main .rpx file?
  3. Can you explain what I'm supposed to do with the contents of “THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Twilight Princess HD (UPDATE DATA) (v81) (46.629 MB) USA Loadiine” ? That's the game update, right? So does it work automatically? Am I supposed to run it? How does it work exactly?
  4. I'm running on Cemu 1.7.4d. If I run the update .rpx, Cemu crashes. If I run the .rpx in the other folder, it hangs, although once actually it brought me to a Twilight Princess HD splash screen. Which .rpx file am I supposed to use? I'm happily playing through Wind Waker HD no problem. I don't know what I'm doing wrong with Twilight Princess HD. Any idea...?
  5. Having a bit of trouble with running Twilight Princess HD. How exactly am I supposed to run it? Neither the original nor the update .rpx file run properly. What am I doing wrong?