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  1. WhiteShad0wX

    RELEASE: Open CMA 1.80

    source: wololo.net if you have a Vita on 1.80, now you can get back to copying files to it
  2. WhiteShad0wX

    Usermode Vita Loader, devs needed!

    source: wololo.net
  3. WhiteShad0wX

    Xecuter Fusion v1.0.9 Released

    fusion doesn't work with jtag, lol just rgh or rgh2
  4. source: diytronics.blogspot.co.uk via ps3hax.net
  5. WhiteShad0wX

    Xecuter Fusion v1.0.9 Released

    source: team-xecuter.com
  6. WhiteShad0wX

    June 17th, 2012

    11:59 PM lol North America
  7. WhiteShad0wX

    How M$ Killed The XOR Hack

    Jason - to answer your question, pretty much yes. wait, are you talking about modding the dvd drive or using the RGH hack?
  8. WhiteShad0wX

    How M$ Killed The XOR Hack

    source: Team-xecuter
  9. WhiteShad0wX

    Black Screening Games

    if the disc drive isnt plugged in at all, or not connected right, games will not load from usb. Even if the drive is broken, it needs to be plugged in for you to play from usb. That could also be your VC problem, but I'm not 100% on that one. I'd suggest you open it back up and take a look to make sure everything is connected right on the drive
  10. WhiteShad0wX

    SPU Emulation v0.9 Released

    source: ps3hax.net
  11. WhiteShad0wX

    Another TB clone! OH nooo!

    source: ps3hax.net
  12. WhiteShad0wX

    [4S] Official Dark Umbra Android App

    sweet! Nice job man. I'll have to let you know how it goes
  13. WhiteShad0wX

    Where Are My Wii Channels On My SD?

    well you could delete those channels if you really wanted to. It wouldn't be the best idea if you didn't know for sure what you were doing though. Have you thought about nand emulation or launching the channels through a usb loader that also launches channels? Just a thought. I can't think of a way to copy those channels to the SD card at the moment. If there is a way, it isn't coming to my mind..
  14. WhiteShad0wX

    DashLaunch v3.00 Released

    source: xbox360.dashhacks.com
  15. WhiteShad0wX

    Kinect Support Added To Skyrim

    source: xbox360.dashhacks.com