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  1. Holy crap what an amazing thread!!! I played a friend's Wii back in the day but never got my own. I'm selling stuff on LetGo and OfferUp and always see Wiis on there for cheap so I finally bought one after reading about softmodding it and ripping/playing backups. I wish I found this darn thread a few days ago!! Thanks for all the hard work. one game in so far, Alien Syndrome, and i get an error trying to unzip it too. Next one I try will be the standard .wbfs file to see if that makes any difference. My excitement of finding this thread is a little crushed right now if most of these files are bad EDIT: Downloaded as .wbfs and it worked...the rest a mix of wbfs and zip and they all worked. YAY!!! The effort to find that out myself wasn't worth it and I paid the 5 and change to sub for a month with the cheapest plan. The amount you download more than pays for the price of admission.