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  1. Problem with Wii Flow

    Long story here and it's completely my fault, I messed up my WiiFlow launcher after watching someone's tutorial (found here: [Hidden Content] on how to supposedly fix the issue of Wii Motion Plus games sending me back into the home menu. I installed the files and now the WiiFlow launcher no longer detects any games in the HDD. I tried using USB Loader GX from the homebrew channel, which now says that I am missing cIOS222 and 249. Launching it from my Wii menu crashes with a large amount of text. I tried uninstalling the wads from his video and I just get errors: >>Deleting tickets... ERROR! (ret = -1017 >>Deleting title contents... ERROR! (ret = -1017) >>Deleting title... ERROR!(ret = -1017) I couldn't do it using the IOS249 that he said to use in the video, so like the genius I am I used IOS 236 instead. I understand that this was caused by me just trying out the first simple fix that I clicked on, but I just need help on how to fix this issue. Is there any way to fix my problem? I've once installed cIOS 222 in the past and am not sure how to go about doing it again, but would that fix my issue?