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  1. [Wii] Neek2o for Mega Noobs

    I'm super late to the party, but I wanted to give a BIG thanks for your posted NAND. No joke, I literally spent a month trying all the tutorials I could find to create an emuNAND and trying tricks or tweaks here and there - and while they would let me play most games - they would all have some kind of issue with the one game that was MOST important to me - Rock Band 3. My objective was not only to get Rock Band 3 running from an HD (which was easy enough), but also to get the .APP file type DLC (which is read from the NAND instead of the SD card - there are less file size restrictions when reading from NAND regarding DLC) working without the game freezing on the "Loading Downloadable Content" cache creation process on the main menu (or when browsing through the song list - there are sometimes freezes now, but not that frequently). Even if those issues were rectified, I'd run into other problems like songs with Pro Guitar support infinitely loading. I feel like I ran into every possible issue. Other emuNANDs would also have issues with USB devices plugged into the second USB port in the Wii. Sometimes the system would just freeze immediately upon initial boot up and remain at a black screen - or if you were lucky enough to get to the Wii menu, Rock Band 3 would just freeze if you tried to start it. With this emuNAND, all my USB instruments (3 mics, 1 set of drums, MIDI Pro Adapter for my keyboard) work and can even be plugged in or removed at any time in-game (instead of having to have them plugged in BEFORE the system is started). Whew. It was quite a journey to get all that stuff working, but it all seems to be good now. I hope it stays that way. Thanks again!