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Everything posted by huangcinsing

  1. awww...youre making me heartbreak
  2. huangcinsing

    πŸ‘ Radiation City (NSP + XCI)

    thanks turbo
  3. thanks turbo..you're awesome
  4. huangcinsing

    Thief Simulator (Eshop)

    thanks a lot softcobra
  5. huangcinsing

    Resident Evil 0 + biohazard 0 (XCI + NSP)

    thanks a lot turbo
  6. thanks turbo...you r great
  7. thank you. what firmware update v1.9 works on?
  8. Softcobra is the elder here.. I trust him with all i am... If the game doesnt work..please be patient..no need to blame him
  9. NSP works perfectly..good job thanks
  10. thank you, link you re awesome.. small size game
  11. thank you so much,link.. you're a life saver..,my kid dying want this stuff
  12. huangcinsing

    Final Fantasy VII [NSP] (with game info)

    thank you, Link ....