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  1. skippa

    wii u games

    could someone please upload some games i'm requesting ( all Ntsc and installable via wup installer) also uploaded to mega if you can (if not that ok) 1. guitar hero live 2. octodad eshop 3. oddworld new 'n' tasty eshop 4. paper monsters recut eshop 5. shantae risky's revenge eshop (i already found pirates curse) 6. trine enchanted edition and trine 2 eshop 7. the walking dead p.s. i don't know what's going on with paper monsters (everytime i try to install it i get an error) and i tried downloading it from wiiu iso
  2. could anyone tell me how to convert a loadiine to a wud and then convert the wud to a wup ( usb ready) p.s. i'm using loadiine 2 wud for the loadiine part edit... i think i figured some of it out. when i used loadiine 2 wud it went for saying octodad [AD5E6E] to just saying [AD5E6E] but now i have 3 folders (code content and meta) what do i do now nevermind it didn't work
  3. could anyone upload these last few games i need to finish my collection ( usb ready, uploaded to mega and in usa/ntsc please) ps. a .tik file would work as well 1. guitar hero live 2. octodad 3. oddworld new 'n' tasty 4. shantae and the pirates curse 5. shantae risky's revenge 6. the walking dead survival instinct any help with these titles would be awesome and thanks in advance
  4. skippa

    a few eshop games

    could someone please help me find these games oh and by the way i've found shantae 1/2 genie hero
  5. skippa

    a few eshop games

    i'd like to request a few games (usb ready via wup installer and posted to mega) also NTSC 1. octodad 2. shantae and the pirates curse 3. shantae risky's revenge and 4. shantae 1/2 genie hero please and thank u
  6. skippa

    just dance 2018 & 2019

    could someone dump the wup of these two games in ntsc format using mega please and thank u
  7. skippa

    a few questions about nintendont

    i have one more question i am using vwii mode to play nintendon't and i've ran out of 251 block memory card space what do i do now
  8. 1. can i use a gamecube mic for mario party 6&7 (if i can, how do i do it) 2. can i use the gba to gamecube cable for legend of zelda 4 swords 3. can i use a dance mat for ddr mario mix and 4. how do i use a forwarder so i can play on the wii u gamepad without it freezing when i press the home button any help would be very helpful
  9. how do i install wii u tickets (i'm uh kind of new to the homebrew thing)