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  1. I think this was released about a month after the game... So I'm thinkin the 2nd one
  2. Coolguy10

    Minecraft For Free!

    Oh right! Thanks JJ for fixing
  3. Coolguy10

    Minecraft For Free!

    You sure its Mineshafter.com? EDIT: Google FTW! New link: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Coolguy10

    Happy birthday, King!

    As posted on Facebook, Happy Birthday King =)
  5. Thanks Happy to help
  6. Coolguy10

    Joke of The Day: Post Yours (EXPLICIT)

  7. Coolguy10

    July 24th, 2012

    Mother plays games on Facebook (to my dismay) And sometimes we'll have a Family game night
  8. Coolguy10

    Rogers Nextbox 2.0

    They also use filters to block out extra channels you don't pay for.. But stupid Cogeco removed some of mine because I use too much internet (Internet is through cable) so now I get more channels
  9. Coolguy10

    Rogers Nextbox 2.0

    Haha tcharger, I think we all know where Ontario is And to me it sounds like what JJ said is spot on... they just basically have the company start sending ur services to the Box. I guess if worst comes to worst just have them come after if you tried but went unsuccessfully?
  10. Coolguy10

    "Her First"

    Warlock! Great story man, keep it up !
  11. Coolguy10

    WiiU Games Run in 720p, but possibly not 1080p

    This makes sense.. mentioning not everyone has a 1080p TV
  12. Coolguy10

    DU Merchandise

  13. Coolguy10

    DU Merchandise

    Ahh glad to see that this is finally coming along .. I think that a Donator Draw would be good Or maybe with a Certain amount of Donation you get a free T-Shirt?
  14. Aha lol, thanks JJ.