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  1. Got you @JasonP27 Get you soon @mastershoes
  2. Now does this provide a way to transfer Wii Saves to Wii U without deleting them off the Wii?
  3. Awesome. Waiting for Gamepad to charge
  4. Coolguy10 Err. I think
  5. I think this was released about a month after the game... So I'm thinkin the 2nd one
  6. Banned because
  7. Banned for also not having a giant Mario $$ in yours
  8. Banned for LIESSSSS!!!!!!
  9. Banned because if I do @Zero_Aurion, it doesnt work
  10. Granted, but now you have more time to worry about your band getting into a Recording Studio I wish Zero would post his full album when its released so we can download for free
  11. Banned because Boobs > Penis
  12. Granted, but you get food poisoning from the Pumpkin Pie I wish I didnt have to start school soon
  13. Banned because thats a good thing!
  14. As posted on Facebook, Happy Birthday King =)