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  1. thatfloorguy

    [Torrent] N64 276 roms + Project 64 ver 1.7 emulator

    Added a cpl new magnets, as original link was jacked up.
  2. thatfloorguy

    Resident Evil 4 for Gamecube, NTSC-U

    Pretty sure I have them. I'll upload them to MEGA if so.
  3. thatfloorguy

    [MF/MEGA] ESAD's Game Guides (Multi Platform)

    Awesome! Thanks for your contributions and time in putting these together.
  4. thatfloorguy

    A few Wii games I didn't see on here

    Nice man! Rep!!
  5. thatfloorguy

    [MEGA][WBFS] Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2015-3 v2

    Thanks Lars v2 is out now. The update is for the patcher, doesn't affect tracks etc.
  6. thatfloorguy

    [MEGA] Darky Kart Riivo

    re-upping to MEGA
  7. Awesomeness, I am going to have to set this up this weekend. Will it run on vWii via wiiflow? I don't want to install the wad onto my vWii and risk something. I pretty much run everything via wiiflow/vWii now.
  8. thatfloorguy

    [Mega] Nights: Journey of Dreams [wbfs]

    Should work, just checked and links are live.
  9. thatfloorguy

    GTA IV Xbox 360

    Awesome man, Thanks so much!
  10. thatfloorguy

    GTA IV Xbox 360

    Doh! yeah for 360 lol, I'ma dork!
  11. thatfloorguy

    GTA IV Xbox 360

    Looking for this in NTSC or RF. Thanks if anyone has this and can upload it. I have exhausted all my sources and cannot find any seeds Bah! All existing links here were dead so I moved them to GY
  12. thatfloorguy

    [3DS] Metal Gear Solid : Snake Eater 3D (EUR)

    Thanks again for the quick response!
  13. thatfloorguy

    PS2 NTSC-U Game Request

    [hide][Hidden Content]] I have no clue wtf is wrong with the link. Just highlight it, right click and select go to......