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  1. FW 9.0.1 with SX OS 2.9.2 with the latest smash update. DLC unlocker etc. No Terry still tho on my end, I am missing something but i can't figure out what. Lol
  2. Huh. That's weird then. I put 6.0.0 & smash shows but no terry on my end. I'll figure it out! Thank you tho.
  3. Probably a dumb question but gonna ask anyway! I updated everything, Installed all 6.0.0 related stuff. No Terry tho, using using your 5.0.0 xci + dlc etc. Guessing i have to delete that & get the newer one?
  4. Gotcha! I winded up using the first link, before seeing this instead of the repack. Still good to go tho so far! Thank you again.
  5. I saw this game leaked & made sure i looked for your thread! lol My CFW switch is on 8.0.1 so i should be able to run this right? That or should i update to whatever is working with SX?
  6. Awesome! Thank you, now to see how to replace roms like the NES one.
  7. Thanks as always! Guess i can play this in english finally
  8. Wonderful! Did this come with any DLC at all or does this switch version. Come with all already on it?
  9. Time to play this for the 10th time in my life! I'm a sucker for RE games. Lol Thank you!
  10. SpanishGamer911

    (GDRIVE) Shakedown Hawaii

    Bumping in case anyone misses it.
  11. SpanishGamer911

    SEGA Dreamcast (reicast) Emulator + 22 games

    Thanks! Anyway to edit the NSP & use my own icon i created?
  12. SpanishGamer911

    SEGA Dreamcast (reicast) Emulator + 22 games

    Ah okay! Didn't realize that, Thanks i might just download the whole 17GB then just for the forwarder. If no one else comes around by then.
  13. SpanishGamer911

    SEGA Dreamcast (reicast) Emulator + 22 games