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  1. Real question is can we delete the current update. To install this one? Also @TurboSnailThe update 1.02 part 1 & 2 rars. Where both broken for me ;_;
  2. That link apparently has it or explains how to get it? Sorry, Lol i wasn't aware of much just wanted to share tho just in case.
  3. @TurboSnail Any chance of uploading the DLC from here? [Hidden Content]
  4. SpanishGamer911

    Katana ZERO + Update v1.0.1 (2019-04)

    Thank you a ton!
  5. Usually we get an option to "add to drive" Then we can make a copy & download it. Thanks anyway tho!
  6. Oooo time to play this bad boy again!
  7. @SoftcobrawebThe Update won't for correct? For EU To a USA Version?
  8. Any chance of uploading the update as well? For U.S.
  9. SpanishGamer911

    (Google Drive) Turok (Eshop) ** 18/3/2019 **

    Yeah! I was waiting for this, Kinda sad they didn't also port part 2. Thank you as always Cobra! Also i just noticed you're a moderator? I am not sure if you always were but congrats if you just got that.
  10. SpanishGamer911

    Yoshi's Crafted World Release

    Wrong section ?
  11. SpanishGamer911


  12. Something different for me to play! Been wanting something different actually, Plus my japanese is a little rusty but this should be a piece of cake. I hope.
  13. Would of been nice to include an image of what this even is. Had to google it myself.
  14. SpanishGamer911

    [REQUEST] NEKOPARA (hentai version) for Nintendo Switch

    Wrong section i'm pretty sure.
  15. Can you mod custom songs into this game?