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Everything posted by SpanishGamer911

  1. SpanishGamer911

    Katana ZERO + Update v1.0.1 (2019-04)

    Thank you a ton!
  2. SpanishGamer911

    Google Drive Mortal Kombat 11 Update Only

    Usually we get an option to "add to drive" Then we can make a copy & download it. Thanks anyway tho!
  3. Oooo time to play this bad boy again!
  4. @SoftcobrawebThe Update won't for correct? For EU To a USA Version?
  5. Any chance of uploading the update as well? For U.S.
  6. SpanishGamer911

    (Google Drive) Turok (Eshop) ** 18/3/2019 **

    Yeah! I was waiting for this, Kinda sad they didn't also port part 2. Thank you as always Cobra! Also i just noticed you're a moderator? I am not sure if you always were but congrats if you just got that.
  7. SpanishGamer911

    Yoshi's Crafted World Release

    Wrong section ?
  8. SpanishGamer911


  9. Something different for me to play! Been wanting something different actually, Plus my japanese is a little rusty but this should be a piece of cake. I hope.
  10. Would of been nice to include an image of what this even is. Had to google it myself.
  11. SpanishGamer911

    [REQUEST] NEKOPARA (hentai version) for Nintendo Switch

    Wrong section i'm pretty sure.
  12. Can you mod custom songs into this game?
  13. This requires online doesn't it? It doesn't have an offline mode, or does it? Either way thank you.
  14. SpanishGamer911

    (Google Drive) FINAL FANTASY IX (NSP) ** Video Proof **

    Nice! All i need now is FF7. Thanks!
  15. SpanishGamer911

    Join our Team - Moderator Applications! [CLOSED]

    Dang, Forgot about this! Guess i'm to late to sign up.
  16. SpanishGamer911

    Celeste (NSP) [UPDATE][MF-MG-GD]

    God the site you hid your links behind is a FUCKING HASSLE!. Jumping through hoops for a damn link. Thanks for the upload but man just give the direct link next time.
  17. Do we have to be offline for this to work? I Couldn't get it to work, while connected to the internet but when i turned on airplane mode. The game got passed the screen, that it kept crashing at. Do i have do this every time i start it?
  18. People wanted proof because if you didn't know. Before, when Pokemon let's go pikachu was leaked. People were uploading fake files that would brick your switch. So keep on with that mindset lol i can't wait for you to "Just fking download it & check it yourself" a file uploaded from someone with no proof (At first) & brick your console to come back here begging for help.
  19. Anyone one have an issue where the game crashes (Using the XCI one) At the information screen? @Softcobraweb
  20. Game crashes before getting to the game menu. Gives an error about game being closed because of an error/issue. It happens right at the part about the game containing different languages & such. XCI Version anyway. For me at least. On the latest SX OS & Switch FW.
  21. SpanishGamer911

    [NSP] New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

    Well OP should be updated now at least. With Proof images, Other community members have posted their proof to. I'll wait for an XCI version anyway.
  22. SpanishGamer911

    [NSP] New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

    Oh you brave bastard! Good luck. Let us know what happens. Images, etc.
  23. SpanishGamer911

    [NSP] New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

    Yeah i used XCI Explorer on plenty of NSP format games. Always seems to show it's info, game icon etc. This one tho doesn't show much so i'm gonna call it fake, For one & he didn't bother showing screenshots of himself playing etc. I'll wait. Try at your own risk
  24. SpanishGamer911

    [NSP] New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

    Used the Switch game checker. Got this as well, so if it's cause it was converted from an XCI that would explain it. If not then it's just a fake.