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  1. Wii - Softmod reset help wanted

    uhhh but wait, seems like i semi-bricked it now???? so everything was working fine and i tried to create a channel forward with Loadstructor.. 1. try was donkey kong country returns --> after installing wad, channel was there but at start i got a message like "cannot open apps\usb loader\boot.dol" 2. deinstalled wad and tried another one for mario party 9, now my wii goes blackscreen after start >.<* 3. okay i managed myself to get rid off the blackscreen with starting priiloader and delete de corrupted wad.. but i'd like to have channels for the game backups from usb --> if you'd be able to help?! i'd appreciate any help or at least input
  2. Wii - Softmod reset help wanted

    so from what i "know" now, after reading countless threads in countless forums about softmodding wii's, is: after like 2006?! nintendo changed hardware for newer wii's to "stop" softmodding, the newer ones are not able to "hack" with boot2, that's why you've got to install bootmi as ios, like i've got to do.. after the problems i had i followed another guide (not sure if i'm allowed to post links from other forums, so better not try), started everything from scratch, again with a nand backup for f*** sake everything seems to work smooth now? except the small things like channel creation, but i guess the errors are me, not the software -.-
  3. Hi there so i followed this Guide and tried to follow every step, but i guess unfortunately there were some mistakes made the biggest wrong i guess is that i installed bootmi as ios (not boot2)? so now i'm having a few little problems with wiiflow and channel creation and thought it's best to start from scratch, but how? i made a nand backup and when i tried to apply it, it said something like "Try harder, *...." would be nice if you got any input or help - thanks in advance! Best Regards