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  1. Theprodigyhnic

    Super mega baseball 2: Ultimate edition

    Hopefully this will be posted soon.
  2. Theprodigyhnic

    Super mega baseball 2: Ultimate edition

    I’m also waiting on this game. I was very surprised when it was announced for the Switch.
  3. I can’t get the game to play. The base game and Update installs just fine but when I try to play game it just shows a black screen and the button A with ok beside it. When I press A nothing happens so I have to close the game out and go back to home screen. I’m on firmware 7.0.1. Trying to play in handheld mode.
  4. Theprodigyhnic

    Shenmue II (Widescreen Patched)

    Can you widescreen patch the translated English version of Fire Pro Wrestling D?
  5. Theprodigyhnic

    👍 Shakedown Hawaii + Update

    Does this play on 6.2?
  6. Theprodigyhnic

    Lakka L4T Reicast already compiled

    Reicast works on the Switch?
  7. Theprodigyhnic

    [ReQ]The friends of Ringo Ishikawa

  8. Anyone know of a way to update the roster on NBA 2K19 offline?
  9. Theprodigyhnic

    Zoids Wild King of Blast (JAP) (2/19)

    Thanks. Is the demo or the full game?
  10. Theprodigyhnic

    [REQ] NBA 2K19 Roster Update

    Anyone know where I can find a save file with the latest roster update.
  11. Theprodigyhnic

    [Request] Latest NBA 2K19 Patch

    Anyone have the Latest NBA 2K19 Patch v.1.0.6.
  12. Theprodigyhnic

    (Google Drive) NBA 2K19 Update v1.05

    What is the latest update for switch?