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  1. Can't download it. access authorization denied
  2. Searching for BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE [010090F00A76A000]. Thx in Advance
  3. U r missing ACA NEOGEO BLUE'S JOURNEY [0100379003900000][v0], ACA NEOGEO KARNOV'S REVENGE [010014E004FA8000][v0] and The King of Fighters '94 to '99
  4. Bumpfi

    Wii U Request EUR, USA

    After fixing, redownload missing with Wiiuusbhelper and dumping my own collection, i still miss a view EUR, USA games working with WUP installer. Maybe there is another way to fix my games (i recognized there is always the titel.cert missing) Cabelas Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts USA, Cocoto Magic Circus 2 EUR, Disney Infinity 1.0 EUR, Guitar Hero Live EUR, LEGO Dimension EUR, SteamWorld Collection EUR, The Walking Dead - Survival Instinct, Zumba Fitness World Party EUR Maybe somebody own those games physical and could dumped them new with disc2app. very appreciated. thx in advance
  5. Bumpfi


    works perfect. use 7zip to extract not winrar or something else
  6. Bumpfi


    thx for the info
  7. Bumpfi


    Sorry my mistake. Post Edited
  8. There are a still a view Neogeo missing: Gururin, Karnov's Revenge, Soccer Brawl, Stakes Winner, Cyber-Lip, World Heroes 2 + Jet, Fatal Fury 3, Samurai Showdown III + V, Blue's Journey, Art of Fighting 2, Top PLayers Golf Real Bout Fatal Fury 1 + 2 Does anybody got one of those?
  9. Please can someone Upload this Game. Thx in advance
  10. Bumpfi

    El Chavo [SVOEWW] - NTSC-U - (Spanish Copy)

    thx a lot