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Posts posted by Dark-Sky

  1. 2 hours ago, vetar said:

    I have installed NSP game and update, how did you deleted only game update?

    I only installed the NSP update, the game version I'm using is XCI. I simply pressed "+" to see the game options and selected "Data Management" > "Delete Software". I didn't have any save games at that time so it was not a problem for me.

  2. I'm on 5.1 with SX OS 1.4. Got the XCI & NSP game update, installed the game update with SX OS (I always use this to install NSPs) and the game won't start without a system update (first game with this problem for me).

    Would it be possible to delete the game update and install it with tinfoil on my setup with "ignore firmware requirement"?

    I've deleted the update and the game is running. I guess it will ask me to update after a while?

    Edit 2:
    Intalled the NSP game update with tinfoil using "ignore firmware requirement" and it works now with the update on 5.1!
    Thanks @Loric_

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