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  1. Final update: Proper undub, bby! Sorry for taking so long to iron out all of the issues, and sorry for posting the half-baked undub in the first place. Every game in the series is playable with Japanese audio now, as it should've been from the start.
  2. DL (360 MB): [Hidden Content] I only replaced the opening video's audio track, the rest of the files are copy-pasted straight from the Japanese version without any modifications. It should also work fine with the European release – simply rename the PCSE00066 directory to PCSB00109.
  3. DL (670 MB): [Hidden Content] It should also work fine with the European release – simply rename the PCSE00244 directory to PCSB00432. Let me know if you've encountered any glitches or crashes related to this undub.
  4. Title ID RM6EEB DL (2.71 GB, wbfs): [Hidden Content] Notes: ※ Both the regular and event subtitles were reformatted and injected with the Japanese dub's timings, so no more glitchy cutscenes, wonky NPC conversations, and skipped lines. ※ As always, I also hardsubbed everything there was to hardsub. Unlike always though, the subtitles are actually properly styled. The videos are also on YouTube. ※ Additionally, I took the liberty to clean up the UI in the top left and bottom right corners of the screen. You can revert it back to the frame-like vanilla UI if you wish to do so, simply apply this this xdelta patch. I don't think I'll be backporting this undub to the (vastly inferior) PS2 version, although if you're up to it, you can do it yourself – here is everything I used to make this undub, besides the audio and video. The files should be compatible with the PS2 version just like that. Huge thanks to aluigi for fulfilling a request to make a quickbms script for this game!
  5. Title ID: SLUS21471 Size: 934 MB uncompressed DL (584 MB, 7z): [Hidden Content] Some compromises had to be made for this one, though I'm still happy how it turned out despite the constraints I had to work with. Notes: ※ 49 lines had to be left mute, 48 Japanese voice clips didn't carry over to this undub. ※ There is a single instance of one of the characters delivering another character's lines (near the beginning of the game). ※ Rest assured, the undub has been tailored well to hide most of the imperfections. ※ I took the liberty to un-invert the camera controls.
  6. swosho

    Ape Escape 3 UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Title ID SCUS97501 Size 2.2 GB uncompressed DL (1.5 GB, 7z): [Hidden Content] 100% undubbed. The videos are soft subbed. I'll pick NTSC over PAL50 any day, but I still kind of wanted to undub the European version instead. Might add the NA -> EU xdelta patch later.
  7. Title ID SLUS21779 Size 2.9 GB uncompressed DL (1.5 GB, 7z): [Hidden Content] Note: Apart from resolution, the FMV quality is PS1-grade in this game, so be mentally prepared for that.
  8. DL (287 MB, cso): [Hidden Content] 99% file swaps & 1% eboot edits = 100% undubbed, bby! If you really want to play the undubbed North American version instead – apply this xdelta patch (56 MB) to the undubbed European rom.
  9. DL (1.19 GB, cso): [Hidden Content] An addendum to somebody special's undub/restoration job. The only thing that undub lacked is the subtitles in anime cutscenes – this is an attempt at fixing that. Thanks to HMG of NGR forums for requesting to sub this game. As it was the case with Hexyz Force, these subtitles are based on the English videos' script, while the translated opening was snatched from cj iwakura. The second opening along with the credits roll song were both left not subtitled. If you're curious how the subs are styled:
  10. DL (211 MB, cso): [Hidden Content]
  11. Update: Japanese audio in all of the cutscenes. Forgot to include the StreamPackEventBGM.dat previously, sorry about that. Though the English sfx are still left over as before. The game won't play back neither the vanilla Japanese nor hex-edited nsp audio banks no matter what, unfortunately. What's bizarre is that it's likely (judging by the header) due to the sample rate differences between the sfx audio in Japanese and western versions of the game. It is what it is for now, I hope I'll figure something out for this eventually.
  12. swosho

    Nightshade UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Title ID SLUS20810 Size 860 MB uncompressed DL (560 MB, 7z): [Hidden Content] Notes: ※ The opening video is hardsubbed now, since you can't even watch it with soft captions until after beating the first level. *I goofed, the "I'm not so stupid to be done in by a puppet" line should've been: "I'm not a fool to be defeated by a puppet" to be more in line with Hibana's no-nonse ninja-talk, sorry about that oversight. ※ I also took the liberty to un-invert the camera controls. ※ Shinobi – a prequel to this game, is dual audio natively.
  13. Title ID RTNE41 DL (3.76 GB, wbfs): [Hidden Content] Nothing to note, another easy file swap job. Probably should've modded the PAL version though, since it has more languages. Might or might not swap this one for PAL later.
  14. Swapped the previously posted version for the glitch-free one.
  15. Title ID 0004000000157900 DL (710 MB): [Hidden Content] If nothing else, play this game for its kickass soundtrack. Notes: ※ Cross Rumble and Assault Horizon Legacy are the same game, though this one features slightly glitched but perfectly working dual audio selector. If you want to play with French, Spanish, Italian, or German dialog subtitles, you'll have to manually edit the save file (described below). ※ Originally, the Assault Horizon Legacy Plus undub was posted here instead but it was swiftly replaced with the glitch-free Japanese version. Please redownload if you've managed to grab the old version. If you want to play the game in other languages than English or Japanese: