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  1. 2017 Plokoon's not64 Channel Forwarder WAD I used a Wii64 Channel Forwarder to make this but I don't know the creator to give credit to. The logo is something I created so I take ownership of that. This has worked on several Wiis I have Softmodded so I don't see any problem with it not working for anyone else. If you find anything wrong, please address it in this thread. Thank you. Enjoy! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. [DD] Not64 Second Edition

    I also created a logo for not64. I hope the creator likes it.
  3. [DD] Not64 Second Edition

    I went ahead and made my own Channel Forwarder for not64.
  4. [DD] Not64 Second Edition

    Thanks! Is there a forwarder channel for not64?
  5. Not64 Channel Forwarder WAD for Wii

    Did you make one?