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  1. pippon3

    Just Dance 2018 [SE8E41] - NTSC

  2. pippon3

    [MEGA] Red Steel (WBFS NTSC-U)

  3. pippon3

    [MF] Kirby TV Channel (Europe?)

    Gives me an error (ret= -1020) both versions
  4. pippon3

    [MF] Kirby TV Channel (Europe?)

    Thank you
  5. pippon3

    KOF 99 & Shook Troopers 2nd NTSC too Pal wad?

    Nevermind I fixed the issue with priiloader! Im a happy dude!
  6. pippon3

    Searching for some VC PAL Wads

    Nevermind I fixed the issue with priiloader! Im a happy dude!
  7. pippon3

    Searching for some VC PAL Wads

    Larsenv: Thanks for the Ntsc wads! really happy for it! Now I just need to know how to make this files regionfree Maybe you know how to do it?
  8. Do someone know if you can make these wad games regionfree in some way? I own a pal wii and really want too play these games on my system Does a program exist that will or someone can make this regionfree? Do I need to download some sort of program to make this by my self? Really appriciate if someone can help me with this! any help will make me happy!
  9. pippon3

    Searching for some VC PAL Wads

    LarsenV: Thanks for the reply and sorry again that I missed the "request forum" I can see on the Wii Shop those games actually, and I own a Pal wii. It's on the "latest virtual console games" category So I wonder if someone kind person can fix these 2 awesome games. I don't know how to make the ntsc wads regionfree and im afraid to do something wrong.
  10. pippon3

    Searching for some VC PAL Wads

    Hello guys maybe it's wrong to post a request here but I wonder if someone can help me to find KOF 99 and Shock troopers 2nd Squad Pal Wads? I have been searching for weeks without any results, please help a European guy