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  1. I hate not being able to post properly. What a confusing and disturbing 8-screens-wide post destroying the hole topic. I can't get it.
  2. Todavia esta en la post 1 !!! Not sure, but deleting your "game save" for NES Online should solve that funny problem XD After starting the first time you don't have to flip at all. I recommend to delete the "game save" every time after updating or else you have to flip and all games aren't sorted correct. Shouldn't be a problem if you just game for fun and don't need any game progress saved.
  3. I added these japanese roms as standard, because they are great and never released outside Japan. But they are playable without jap knowledge and all patched to english anyway. Just try them out.
  4. No. After using the <_choose your cover - EUR or USA.bat> it's all done. EU covers are standard (and the nicer ones), so you don't need to use the batch to have them. If you're using a Mac I can't make any statement about it. This batch is using a copy of (EU) or (USA) lclassics.titlesdb depending of your choice. If it stucks at the red screen, then something is missing, yes. If the Iclassics.titlesdb has a wrong format or missing informations it would crash before the red screen. Try to copy everything needed again on the SD. Big thanks. I'm a huge emufan,too 😄 I would love to continue with SNES + N64, but Nintendo isn't doing a good job here, they always start at zero with every console. It's just disappointing.
  5. Please tell us, what your problem was and how you solved it. Perhaps that helps others, too.
  6. Sorry, you must make something wrong. Do you use the EU covers (standard) or switch to US by batch ? I checked and tested again, the update works fine. Can someone please confirm that. Thanks
  7. Yes, it works with SXOS 2.7.1 + Switch 8.0.1 with original unmodded NSPs. Delete the folder <bootapp> and try again. Does it work now ?
  8. - Did you use one of my packs before with Hide Mod ? If so you have to udpate the Hide Mod, the old one let it hang at the red screen. - You only want to use 1 without 2+3, right? So copy the following 0100D870045B6000 folders to your SD. ALWAYS OVERWRITE EVERYTHING !!!!!! I advise to delete the complete 0100D870045B6000 folder on the SD beforehand. 1. pack 2.5.0a: <1 normal added roms (274) + JAP roms (55)> 2. update-pack 2.6.0a: <1 normal added roms (273) + JAP roms (55)> 3. update-pack 2.6.0a: <___lclassics.titlesdb 1> 4. optional: HIDE mod 2.6.0 Have you done it like this ?
  9. Please tell us the problem / solution. Thanks. This time everything should be fine, so I can't understand why some have problems.
  10. Not sure what you mean. I split the pack because not everyone likes hacks or needs German roms. But it so easy and fast to just copy the folder to your needed location. And the location depends on your CFW, so I can make it general. Just choose 1 or 1+2 or 1+2+3 or 1+3, that's it. Then copy the 2 needed folders, ready, steady, go.
  11. Freezing at the red screen means that you're missing files (or I made a mistake with the files). What did you install? If you only install the normal update and the folder <___lclassics.titlesdb xxx> it will freeze, sure. You HAVE TO install the content of folder <1 normal added roms (273) + JAP roms (55)> additionally. Have you used one of my previous packs ?
  12. No, see the read info below the links. Same in my country, but I still prefer Zippy.
  13. 18Phoenix

    NES Online [normal overview without mod]

    Updated to 2.6.0
  14. BIG SOOOOOOORRY to all again. Here's a very small fix for the "old" 2.5.0a (just a few kb) - the US files had mistakes Two roms that are now in the update anyway have been deleted. But in the US lclassics.titlesdb were still the entries that couldn't be found any more. (FIX - ZippyShare Link) I'm too busy, that's why. A new fixed complete pack is ready, too. (Zippy again)