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  1. Yeah, thanks. It always has worked and works. This PW is saved in the packer and it's used automatically every time. I don't insert it by typing or copying so there can't happen any mistake at all !!! So my hint for everyone having problems: "Believe in yourself - it's your fault" 🤣 = Don't give up it's not the password.
  2. Yeah, you're right. Not really changed a lot, but some important screens, yes.
  3. Great, good to know that this one works, thanks for testing So I'll update that with the next release. At the moment I'm through with all tranlations or hacks. The missing translations aren't not realy nice or good games, so I'm near to finished with these. The theme hacks hasn't so many big changings then for NES, because of course it's more demanding. Btw. you say you tested them, but you tell no results ... so working or not ?!?!
  4. Can someone test this MegaMan X rom: ZippyLink That's the hacked rev 1.1.
  5. Megaman X : Ok, but now I still don't know at what point of time this is checkable !?!?! You can't check it out right away. Chou Mahou Tairiku WOZZ : Just open your eyes, the translated rom is included since v1.1.0b 😉
  6. Megaman X : At what point can you buy upgrades ? After stage 1 or later ? I can't game long to check it out. Exist videos or pictures with and without working ? BEST would be a sram save file !!!!!!!!!! Allegedly these have to be placed here: 01008D300C50C000\saves\<gamefolder>\cartridge.sram Chou Mahou Tairiku WOZZ : What's wrong with that ?
  7. You must have made something very wrong. All 3 big unpackers definitely don't generate a new packed file. You must link *.001 to your favorite unpacker like 7zip or WinRar. Both and even WinZip work fine. I prefer WinRar (use the newer 5.80), in my opinion it has the best and most comfortable overall view.
  8. Fixed all NSPs --- go get the fixed v1.1.0c, no-crash & jap+hack !!! For the LayeredFS pack please download the little fix patch 😉
  9. OMG - my fault 😩 Sure it's working, but I forgot to fix that one. I use this edition in my pack as standard. Will be ok in the next release. Here's the fix for the LayeredFS pack: Super Ghouls'n Ghosts fix SORRY 🙃
  10. For information to the LayeredFS users and those who haven't noticed it themselves: I added an info to my post #2 about the advantage of the LayeredFS pack.
  11. I think 6 of these 18 pages here are only from people not able to use the always same password
  12. No problem. It just a nice fan-made cover for the hack, there exist no real ones. Behind the same covers are Chapter 1 - 4 and Master Quest 1 - 4, so all different roms. Please always use the details button X to see special infos like detailed name and for jap roms translated or not.
  13. Just use then normal SXOS way to install, that works with my selfmade Update NSP. The separate SX Installer or Tinfoil is only needed for the original update (if you want to use LayerFS pack). And how Gaimingfreak said correct it doesn't work if there is the folder SDCard://sxos/titles/01008D300C50C000, you HAVE to delete (or temporary rename) that to get it work. Good hint, but that's the NES folder 😉 The one you copied is the correct one, yes.
  14. 1.1.0c --- OUT NOW ( The no-crash is still unchanged, so use 1.1.0a. )
  15. 18Phoenix

    How to delete attachments ?

    Hi. In one of my posts I added ad too big file. Now in the attachment line below is only written this without any attachement to select: "You have used all of the attachment space you are allowed per post. Manage Attachments to free up space." But in <My attachments> I find no possibility to delete. Here I see the big file, but I can't delete it I need to delete this big file: Who can help please.