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  1. Yes, just base, then my latest NSP 😊 Sure I'll update NES in future if an official update comes. But I don't plan to add more roms, there're enough now and SNES is the new project. But I'm a bit busy and still want to add more games first. Just a bit more patience please 😄
  2. No, but you can be pressing edit.
  3. Very nice, but shouldn't that belong to a SNES thread ? 😉
  4. Normal release - yes Mod release - no
  5. For everyone, who wants a no-crash-pack, this update includes "only" 225 added normal games: Here's a small new lclassics.titlesdb, just use it with the normal selection 1: Zippyshare-Link The no-crash-NSP follows in some minutes ... The no-crash-NSP is ready
  6. I heard that Nin tendo will stop to bring out new releases monthly, but from time to time, that goes for NES & SNES.
  7. ATTENTION: FW 9.0.0 is out.
  8. I repeat: I patched the app itself. (= I patched the main) But thanks anyway 😆
  9. That doesn't work for me. I patched the app itself.
  10. Sure, and it has started working ... But it needs a bit time, patience and work, not just done. Thanks to great support by @alanlcarlos
  11. What a shame. Maybe you'll try it again another time 😊
  12. Yep, JDownloader 2 rules. If Zippy is blocked use ProtonVPN for free. For me that works unlimited with high speed.
  13. Looks like the linked account isn't working. I'm always in airplanemode and never had this problem. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ If it's time I'll make an extra German pack anyway, like now for NES. Just needs some time, be paitent