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  1. The next event Colony Courtship, starts February 11th, 2019 on XBOX 360 and for the first time ever on XBOX ONE. Defiance is a massive free to play shooter on XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE.
  2. wiicrew

    Visual Studio for Mac

    I can use any good Mac stuff you come across! Thanks
  3. wiicrew

    DarkUmbra Early Access Team

    Count me in Shadow. Can't wait to see what you have been up too. FYI you should bring the poker back. Lol
  4. We are currently recruiting new members! Must be an adult. No children. Having a mic is preferred, but not necessary. Our clan was started day one on Defiance XBOX 360. We currently have openings on XBOX ONE to join our team. We are a drama free clan. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to help. For joining you will get an achievement and all clan perks unlocked. If you are new to the game. We will unlock all fast travels for you, and get you going. If you do not already own the game, search for it in the XBOX ONE store. The game is free. If you would like more info you can google, YouTube, or go to trions website. If your interested message me here, and me or one of the clan members will pick you up!
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    hi everybody

    Welcome to the site
  6. wiicrew

    hi all

    Welcome to the site
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    Thank you and Welcome
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    Welcome to the site
  9. wiicrew


    Welcome to the site
  10. wiicrew


    Welcome to the site
  11. wiicrew


    Welcome to the site
  12. wiicrew

    free game bro thank

    Thank you, this has been verified! Only downfall was the free steam game was only for PC. No MAC. Rep given!
  13. 4-5-1 [Hidden Content]The safe in the sewers past the spot where Corvo gets his gear back. Combo is found by looking past the empty bottles on the shelf behind the safe. 2-8-7 [Hidden Content]The safe in Dr. Galvani's residence (Dr. Galvani's map). The clue is in Galvani's building; reading his journals hints that his favorite numbers are the combination. 2-1-7 [Hidden Content]The locked kennel door in the Overseer's base (Kennel map). The clue is in the kennel cell with the two prisoner corpses. 2-0-3 [Hidden Content]Barracks safe in the Overseer's base (Backyard map). The combo may be found either by saving a rogue Overseer's sister accused of witchcraft; you find them in the alley past Holger's Square, or you can read the notes in the mess hall (you may want to take out the napping Wolfhound first). (Varies) 8-7-9 1-3-8 6-5-6 6-7-9 6-9-6 3-2-7 [Hidden Content]The safe in the artist's residence (Artist's Residence map) uses a different combination each time you play. Input each of the combinations; so far, at least one of them have proven to work each time. 4-7-3 [Hidden Content] Practchett's safe in his house. (Drawbridge Way map). The clue is to find the number in each of the paintings in his house: the "crowded place", the shipping yard, and the whaling ship. 2-9-4 [Hidden Content]The safe behind the painting in the wrecked building where the prisoner pen is outside the Sokolov estate (North End map). The combo is given to you if you disable the Wall of Light for the prisoners. 9-3-5 [Hidden Content]Lord Regent Hiram Burrows' safe in his private quarters. (Dunwall Tower map). The clue is given to you by the Propaganda Officer so you can fulfill the non-lethal objective. The Propaganda officer is found in the broadcast station. 4-2-8 [Hidden Content]The underwater safe at the start of Central Rudshore (map with Daud's base). 5-2-8 [Hidden Content]The Old Port District's sewer safe; it's the one with the bone charm (Old District Sewers map). The clue is next to the safe. 3-8-7 [Hidden Content]Alternate code for the Watch Officers Safe - found on a wall outside the Slaughterhouse if a favor is paid. 6-8-2 [Hidden Content]Alternate code for the Watch Officers Safe - found on a wall outside the Slaughterhouse if a favor is paid. 1-2-8 [Hidden Content]Alternate Code for the Watch Officers Safe - found on a wall outside the Slaughterhouse if a favor is paid. 5-1-2 [Hidden Content]The Code for Rothwild's Safe is found in an Injury Report Code found near Rothwild in his office. 7-2-8 [Hidden Content]Alternate code for the Watch Officers Safe - found on a wall outside the Slaughterhouse if a favor is paid. Please leave a like if this has helped you! Thanks
  14. Here's a list of all the (FREE) games you can download for no charge, that give achievements to your XBOX account! These have all been tested with the newest Nokia Lumia 630 phone running Windows 8! If I come across more I will update this thread! AlphaJax (20 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Angry Birds Rio (20 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Breeze (10 Achievements = 50 Gamerscore) Flowers (15 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Hexic (15 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Ice Age Village (20 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Jetpack Joyride (20 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Kingdoms & Lords (20 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Microsoft Manjong (3 Achievements = 25 Gamerscore) Microsoft Minesweeper (20 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Microsoft Solitaire Collection (20 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Shuffle Party (10 Achievements = 50 Gamerscore) Six-Guns (20 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Sodoku (8 Achievements = 50 Gamerscore) Temple Run 2 (20 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Tetris Blitz (19 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) The Sims Free Play (20 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Throne Together (20 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) UNO and Friends (20 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Wordament (17 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Wordament Snap Attack (19 Achievements = 200 Gamerscore) Please Leave a like! Thanks