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  1. KillaPinkE

    [Filebin][Super SNES]  Trials of Mana

    Will share soon sorry
  2. Trials of Mana ROM from the recently released Collection of Mana ..There are 2 dumps. The one with japanese intro and debug ...And (sk3_a) works perfect. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. KillaPinkE

    Wiimms MKW Fun 2019-03 (WBFS NTSC-U)

  4. KillaPinkE

    Wii U Request  Pier Solar

    Pier Solar and the Great Architects (Wii U eShop) either a wup install version or loadiine ready version?
  5. KillaPinkE

    [Filebin][Sega Genesis] TANGLEWOOD

    Links fixed sorry bout that ..Enjoy!
  6. KillaPinkE

    [Filebin][Sega Genesis] TANGLEWOOD

    Will re-up soon sorry
  7. KillaPinkE

    [Filebin][Sega Genesis] TANGLEWOOD

    Links fixed sorry about that.
  8. KillaPinkE

    [Filebin][Sega Genesis] TANGLEWOOD

    Links fixed sorry about that ..Enjoy!
  9. KillaPinkE

    [Filebin][Sega Genesis] TANGLEWOOD

    If like game buy it! Pre Order
  10. KillaPinkE

    [Filebin][Sega Genesis] TANGLEWOOD

    TANGLEWOOD is released! TANGLEWOOD is a brand new and original puzzle-platforming game originally released for the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis, coming soon to Windows, Mac, and Linux. A true 16-bit, challenging platforming experience that will make fans of the golden gaming era feel warm and fuzzy. Set in a fictional world, the game follows a young creature, Nymn, who is separated from the family pack after the sun sets. Unable to get back to the safety of the underground home, Nymn must find a way to survive the night terrors and get to morning. Tanglewood’s world is a dangerous one after dark, and Nymn must use skills of evasion, special abilities, traps and trickery to defeat predators. TANGLEWOOD is programmed in pure 68000 assembly language, using original SEGA development tools and processes from the 1990s. Features A real 16-bit cartridge release, playable on genuine SEGA consoles Mixes fast-paced 2D platforming action with puzzles, special abilities, tricks and traps A story woven into the gameplay Fluid animations Time of day cycle, influencing the types of enemies encountered Collectables, secret areas and bonus levels Programmed in raw assembly language on original SEGA development hardware Included both ROM's + manual ...Enjoy! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Made couple shitty covers
  11. KillaPinkE

    [WBFS] Super Smash Sisters Generations 2 NTSC

    Thanks for sharing
  12. KillaPinkE

    Dragon Ball Kart Nintendo 64 [Mega Download]

    Idk $50 $60 i was gonna make one but need make label currently closed [Hidden Content]
  13. KillaPinkE

    Dragon Ball Kart Nintendo 64 [Mega Download]

    Thanks for sharing... all my mega links on this site are dead ...anyway check out cart my buddy made lol [Hidden Content]