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  1. Abz. I followed the guide for USB (tutorial 4) with my games on my SD in discex format (formatted to 64kb cluster size). The menu comes up to boot the game but when I select the ISO my Wii just turns off. Any ideas?
  2. icw35

    WII Prince of Persia Rival Swords, please help

    I completed this. Awesome game. I don't wanna be a party pooper, but this is one of the easier levels!!
  3. icw35

    New - Support for HDD > 1TB

    Well I guess wanin broke something from 14 to 21 like he did from 17 de 18+ with the emunand which he fixed again in 21. Still the guys on the other forum are still making improvements for compatibility, laggs, emunand etc. Well worth updating now to 21 if you haven't already.
  4. Yes finally it's done (well beta). Daveboal and XFlak have modified ciosx21 so it now recognises HDD > 1TB over on gbatemp. You have to keep the revision number at 21 mind (you can change this is modmii during the download process). It is reported working on two 2TB HDD drives so far and works for mighty channels too (if you use IOS249 for mighty of ocurse). This is a mod of waninkokos IOS, not hermes. For anyone with a HDD > 1TB this is great news. Regards, Ian
  5. icw35

    Mighty Loader

    Is anyone using this? If so, is there a forwarder channel like the one for Mighty Channels?
  6. icw35

    Vertical scrollong channel

    Yes dude. Let me know which one it is and I'll download. Maybe I can make some changes to benzin (I have done on other channels). All I have to do is blow up one of the images to full screen size and bingo!
  7. icw35

    Vertical scrollong channel

    Is there a vertial scrolling channel forwarder? I want to do something like the matrix...just a matrix background that scrolls vertically. I have seen many left/right scrolling channels, but I wondered if anyone has ever made/seen a vertical one?
  8. Hey dudes, I got Metroid Prime in discex format for uneek+di. Now though I want to change it back to an ISO or CISO or WBFS format. I know it can be done with Wit or Wimm but I don't know how. Can anybody give me the command line I need to use to transform it back? Thanks, Ian
  9. icw35

    (resolved) sneek/uneek rev.

    How can I tell what revision of uneek I have installed? I tried to change from r125 to r150. It all works and loads OK but I wanted to confirm that I changed the files right. Where, within uneek, can I see the revision number, if its possible?? Thanks dudes, Ian
  10. icw35

    [RESOLVED] DLC whats is it?

    Gotcha. Thanks. DLC=Down-Loadable Content. I thought it might be but I've never used it
  11. icw35

    [RESOLVED] DLC whats is it?

    OK what is all the talk with game DLC's? What is a DLC? Why have it? Benefits? Can someone clarify this for me please.
  12. icw35

    SDLMAME 0.6

    Sorry, my mistake. Changed something in the config for testing and forgot to put it back. All working now!! Hehehe
  13. icw35

    SDLMAME 0.6

    OK. So I download and extract to the to the root of the sd card (sdl-mame in the apps folder and the mame folder on the root of the SD card). I put roms in the mame/roms folder and start sdl from HBC. But I always get the error that no roms are found. I leave the roms in the .zip format. I have tried SD and SDHC cards with the same result. So what am I doing wrong? Do I need to change anything in the mame.ini or config files?
  14. icw35

    It's a Girl!

    Congrats man. Welcome to sleepless nights. Remember: breast is best
  15. icw35

    USB Loader GX vs WiiFlow

    Well I was a big cfg fan (still use it for most games). I tried wiiflow and liked it because it is soooo smooth. Recently I also tried GX because of the built in fix for PoP-Forgotten Sands (and it worked first time). So now I have all three on my Wii Also have mighty channels (alternative), uLoader (for VC), Uniiloader (just to try) and sneek (for Metroid and Wiiware). Think I went a bit over the top :whistling: But honestly, I voted for GX.