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  1. I can't take any credit for this at all, but it is here! The HBL for WiiU. I followed this guide to the letter and it works! --link redacted-- I am NOT responsible if you brick your WiiU, so use with care. Note, you can choose to boot straight into CFW if you like. FIX94's github has the various rom.zips you might need. If you want HBL & CFW in two channels, you need to buy two games. Also the python uploads take a while for the bigger images and sound. Dont panic, let it run its course. I screwed up first time, just had to delete it from USB and redownload. I would recommend ibstalling on USB!
  2. Pimp My Wii with Splash for 4:3 TV sd:/apps/pimpmywii GeckOS with Splash for 4:3 TV sd:/apps/geckoOS MultiModManager with Splash for 4:3 TV sd:/apps/mmm Dop-Mii with Splash for 4:3 TV sd:/apps/dop-mi CFG USB Loader (UPDATED - better graphics quality and splash screen updated 06/04/2011). sd:/apps/usbloader PriiLoader no forwarder, just restarts (dol injected) NeoGamma sd:/apps/neogamma Uniiloader (ios 253 forwarder) with splash for 4:3 TV --need to change the music usb:/apps/boot253 JoyFlow (early release edition) with splash for 4:3 & 16:9 TV UPDATED music 07/04/2011:) sd:/apps/joyflow usb:/apps/joyflow Uniiloader Matrix Style (see video) UPDATED music 07/04/2011 This one is to install on REAL nand: usb:/apps/boot253 This one install on your EMU nand if you boot to sorgs "uneek" first: NEW Neek2O Channel. OK - actually it's just the Uniiloader channel above with the icon and banner changed. Anybody could do it to be honest with customizemii. But I just love this channel and I guess not many people use Uniiloader and more and more are using neek20. But the official neek2o channel, if you will excuse me, SUCKS! So here it is: Most of them are remakes/combinations of other channels I found. Made them to my taste, not everybody's cup of tea Some (most) of the channels you can see in my video for the darkwii red theme. Others you'll just have to look in customizemii or install to have a look. If you don't like 'em just uninstall doh! I like 'em and that's what counts Many thanks to JJ who without his help (and channels) mine wouldn't have been made Thanks also to Diddy for his help. DON'T FORGET +REP. I have loads of downloads and only 3 rep??
  3. You can see the vid in the "Nintendo" forum. And the link: It's for the 4.3e, but should work with 4.2e as well (pack with the right app!!). I'm also working on another version with slightly smaller red wii circling around. When I get a chance to try it and sure it works, I'll post the new mym. Enjoy.
  4. Hay all. I love customizing my Wii but I also like to keep things nice. I love DVBisOK Themes (Green, Red & Blue) but I don't like the health screen animations with "DVBisOK" and "New Hacks" flying in. So I changed it using the health.ash from the original DarkWii theme. OK. Good. Next part. If you click on the Options menu you get the same DarkWii background (cool!) but in the top right hand corner there is "DVBisOK" again. That bugs me. I wanna get rid of it and just leave the DarkWii background. But I can't find it. I don't know which file it is in the .mym / .csm. Can anybody tell me which file it is I have to look for and change. Is it the wiiMem.ash? When I extract using the u8tool there is a setupBg.ash but I don't see this in ThemeMii nor can I exrtact and .tpl from it to see whats in it. Still, I found this site and it doesn't look like the background screen is there anyway. Also I notice that if I extract the files with u8tool I get more than what I see with Leathl's Thememii. Could this be the reason? Once I've got it working I'll post the final version here if anybody wants it. I'm on system menu 4.3e. Can anybody help me? I know it's a silly thing, it's just bugging me. Thanks guys/gals. EDIT: Still looking for it. Could it be that it's not in common files at all, but in EU2 folder? Found something that looks like it: BG_16x9.tpl ? EDIT2: Think I found it. setupBtn.ash Unfortunately can't extract original DarkWii v3 setupBtn.ash...fails. Still working on it. EDIT3: Well I unpacked another version with u8tool, repacked after changing the tpl etc. Hopefully will get the chance to try in tonight after creating a new .csm for system menu 4.3e. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  5. Nice channel. Forwards to sd:/apps/pimpmywii/boot.dol Couldn't get the splash screen sorted but anyways it's a nice channel. No pics or vid guys. It's the pimps hat as icon. Nice music too Hope you like it.
  6. Looking for these games. Anyone has any links to NZB files or MEGA? The Amazing Spiderman 2 Lego City Undercover Batman: Arkham Origins Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition
  7. Has anyone got: The Lego Movie Videogame Lego The Hobbit Lego Batman 3 Lego Jurassic World All for the Wii U. Want to start downloading and getting prepared for CFG Loader U A challenge for Lars perhaps?
  8. Anybody bought this from eShop and can dump for loadiine (and preferably share on Mega) would be much appreciated Xmas present for my 8 year old (personally I don't like the games but probably because I'm rubbish at it and my son kicks my ass on android). So, minecraft request, please
  9. Mediafire

    Offline already? can someone re-up?
  10. Offline? Looks like jdownloader updated and now doesn't work properly! Going to be a long day...
  11. OK. Managed to get Hobbit and Jurassic. Still looking for: Lego Batman 3 Lego The Movie Lego City Undercover Come on guys I know they are out there. Nobody have any nice websites they can point me to? I can do the rest myself If anyone has CoD Black Ops II for Wii U would also appreciate it!
  12. Abz. I followed the guide for USB (tutorial 4) with my games on my SD in discex format (formatted to 64kb cluster size). The menu comes up to boot the game but when I select the ISO my Wii just turns off. Any ideas?
  13. Has anyone come across custom wii box art for channels like Wiiflow, Neek2o, USB loader, GX etc? Really I am just after one for Neek2o so when I see the chanels in my nand (from within cfg, gx, flow etc) I see a nice custom cover rather than a ? If anyone knows of one (I thought I had seen one for one fo them, but can't for the life of me remember where), please let me know! Thanks!
  14. Didn't try it myself although I guess you could try on sneek/uneek. Just pack it with the right .app.
  15. Didn't try it myself although I guess you could try on sneek/uneek. Just pack it with the right .app.
  16. Re-uped some files that got deleted - CFG, Joyflow and Uniiloader.
  17. Dude, that bit is not part of the theme. That is done with crazyintro. Download this an follow instructions in readme. As for the videos they were done by djdarkside. Unfortunately his website is down so you might have to search elsewhere for them, or ask on other forums. I don't have a copy anymore.
  18. New neek2o channel added based on the uniiloader channel. See first post. Check it out!
  19. Yeah JJ, the joyflow channel is actually quite nice but a rip off of the internet channel.
  20. I'm on 4.3e myself. Did you pack with the right .app ?? Everything works as you can see from the video (that's on 4.3e as well). 00000097.app NTSC-U 0000009a.app PAL
  21. Use mymenu 1.2 or 1.3 and pack the .mym from above with the 4.1 app which is: 00000072.app = 4.0 NTSC-U 00000075.app = 4.0 PAL 0000007b.app = 4.1 NTSC-U 0000007e.app = 4.1 PAL 00000087.app = 4.2 NTSC-U 0000008a.app = 4.2 PAL This is a mod of DVBisOK and Diddy81's dark wii red. Diddy's was 4.x compat. so if you use mymenu and pack with the right app (like I said before) it should work on all PAL/NTSC systems. You can download the app files using NUS Downloader. Of course, to be sure it is good to have bootmii as boot2 and/or priiloader installed. With priiloader you can boot straight to HBC and reinstall the system menu (using MMM) or install another known working theme.
  22. Dude, part 6 seems to be missing. Can you upload part 6 again (new version). thanks +REP
  23. Anybody wants a copy of anything, let me know. It's for the 4.3e menu - sorry the vid is a bit shit, haven't got LCD screen