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  1. AlvRo

    [1F] PS4 PKG Games Collection

    add Tumble.VR.PS4-PRELUDE Pier.Solar.and.the.Great.Architects.PS4-PRELUDE Pier.Solar.and.the.Great.Architects.UPDATE.v1.03.PS4-PRELUDE
  2. AlvRo

    WII U Scene Games Collection 1Fichier

    it is not so difficult just give it to continue, solve the captcha of the following page and continue, continue and it is already
  3. AlvRo

    WII U Scene Games Collection 1Fichier

    Curious, this message has never appeared to me but you can go to the next link without problems What browser do you use? I tried with firefox and chrome and this message does not appear or it is possible that it is a complement or some option that has in the navigator to indicate to him that some link will try to redirect it to another web
  4. AlvRo

    WII U Scene Games Collection 1Fichier

    Yes, I put it in wiiu thanks for the warning and of course, I want the game everything that is to improve the collection to make it more complete better everything is fine, if you tell me more specifically the problem you have could try to help it is not necessary to donate I think it's better for everyone to have all the collections of a single link, and with a few clicks to get to the one you want to download when you enter the nintendo sheet You will see some eyelashes above or below the sheet. select the wiiu scene tab and you will see the wiiu games link
  5. AlvRo

    [1F] PS4 PKG Games Collection

    add XCOM.2.UPDATE.v1.06.PS4-PRELUDE A.O.T.Wings.of.Freedom.iNTERNAL.PS4-PRELUDE
  6. Do not worry, it will be a punctual drop of the ADF website. is obligatory speak in English, it is a norm of the forum. Spanish translation: No te preocupes, será una caída puntual del sitio web de ADF. es obligatorio hablar en ingles , es una norma del foro
  7. AlvRo

    [1F] PS4 PKG Games Collection

    add Alien.Isolation.Crew.Expendable.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE Alien.Isolation.Lost.Contact.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE Alien.Isolation.Corporate.Lockdown.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE Alien.Isolation.Safe.Haven.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE Alien.Isolation.Last.Survivor.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE Alien.Isolation.The.Trigger.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE Assassins.Creed.Unity.Revolutionary.Armaments.Pack.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE Assassins.Creed.Syndicate.UPDATE.v1.52.PS4-PRELUDE Assassins.Creed.Unity.Secrets.of.the.Revolution.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE Assassins.Creed.Unity.Underground.Armory.Pack.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE Alien.Isolation.Trauma.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE Backgammon.Blitz.PS4-PRELUDE Gravity.Rush.2.UPDATE.v1.11.PS4-PRELUDE Resident.Evil.7.Biohazard.Gold.Edition.UPDATE.v1.01.PS4-PRELUDE Super.Exploding.Zoo.PS4-PRELUDE Super.Exploding.Zoo.UPDATE.v1.02.PS4-PRELUDE Assassins.Creed.Unity.Dead.Kings.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE Titanfall.2.UPDATE.v1.13.PS4-PRELUDE Resident.Evil.7.Biohazard.Gold.Edition.PS4-PRELUDE
  8. This has always worked like this. But time always puts everyone in the place they deserve.
  9. If everything changes But to say that a captcha is going to avoid a DMCA complaint. it's not coherent and yes, I agree that using a shortener can avoid that complaint, but it is not because of the captcha is by the shortener itself the captcha has nothing to do
  10. My experience is to upload files to virtually all servers for almost 20 years. It seems to you enough experience to know what I'm talking about. As I mentioned here, the problem is the captchas in the shorteners. It has always been the problem in many download websites. The shorteners with captchas always receive complaints from users, because they are very annoying
  11. The latter who comments on DMCA. it is totally false it does not matter if you have a link behind a shortener with or without captchas for a DMCA complaint I know from experience the captchas are useless They only serve to annoy the users that download. and give a false security to the uploader
  12. Here we do not seek to discuss We look for solutions, at least me. I already know what your problem is The problem is if you enter a download link of 1fichier. Without logging into your account, you will have that problem with Google Chrome. But I tried to make it connected to your 1fichier account try to download from the browser and with the ad blocker activated it works for me on google chrome I think the web administrator should create some rule for those who go up If the majority of users are bothered by catpchas. must include a rule that allows only shorteners that do not have captchas for a better download facility for users because you have to find a middle term where everyone gets what they want without having to bother one or the other
  13. Well I do not know what type of browser you use. but I use the adblock plus blocker activated on the 1fichier website and I can download it without problems and without ads
  14. For me it has always been a hobby, upload content on websites, I've been uploading files for almost 20 years, on many websites, torrents, etc. Also, in the past, all my content was uploaded to megaupload and when the server was removed, we all know why, I lost everything and started again in 1fichier Previously there were no advertising links like Adfly in my opinion the problem of these users is the captcha, if they remove that, they would not bother so much the users because the captchas of all life have been very annoying
  15. the problem is the captchas In Adfly, since you do not have catpchas, you can place the link in the JD and get the links from 1fichier directly. doing it in the JD is exactly the same as doing it in the browser in monetary matters, that is, I earn the same when you click on the browser with adfly or you put the link directly in the JD But the advantage is that you avoid advertising in the browser. that's what a lot of people do not know but if adfly had captchas You should put a plugin in the browser for jdownloader To solve the captcha in the browser. That is why the problem is always the captcha.