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  1. I do not know what happens with adfly creating new links also happens I'll wait several days, maybe it's an internal Adfly problem. "NSW NSP Games" [Hidden Content] "NSW NSP DLC" [Hidden Content] "NSW NSP UPD" [Hidden Content] "NSW Scene" [Hidden Content]
  2. AlvRo

    [1F] PS4 PKG Games Collection

    + Diablo.III.Rise.of.the.Necromancer.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Gravity.Rush.2.Dark.Angel.Costume.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Gravity.Rush.2.NieR.Automata.Collaboration.Pack.DLC-PS4-PRELUDE.rar Gravity.Rush.2.Phantasy.Star.Online.2.Collaboration.Pack.DLC-PS4-PRELUDE.rar Gravity.Rush.2.The.Ark.of.Time.Ravens.Choice.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Just.Cause.3.MULTi.READ.NFO.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Just.Cause.3.MULTi.READ.NFO.UPDATE.v1.05.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Mass.Effect.Andromeda.UPDATE.v1.10.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Star.Wars.Battlefront.UPDATE.v1.12.PS4-PRELUDE.rar
  3. AlvRo

    [1F] PS4 PKG Games Collection

    + Invasion.VR.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Invasion.VR.UPDATE.v1.01.PS4-PRELUDE.rar MudRunner.A.Spintires.Game.The.Valley.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Tad.and.the.Lost.Scroll.PS4-PRELUDE.rar The.Binding.of.Isaac.Rebirth.iNTERNAL.PS4-PRELUDE.rar The.Binding.of.Isaac.Rebirth.iNTERNAL.UPDATE.v1.07.PS4-PRELUDE.rar
  4. I can only say in this matter that I leave everything in the hands of Hackerjac and fjsantosb. They will organize the files as they see fit. I sincerely appreciate the help in this because I have time to upload a collection of 3ds non-intro or more isos of xbox 360 or ps3
  5. + Gato_Roboto_eShop_NSW-VENOM.rar GUNBARICH_for_Nintendo_Switch_Update_v1.0.3_NSW-SUXXORS.rar Katana_ZERO_Update_v1.0.3_NSW-VENOM.rar Peach_Ball_Senran_Kagura_W_Pack_ver_JPN_NSW-HR.rar Wer_Weiss_Denn_Sowas_Update_v1.1.0_GERMAN_NSW-SUXXORS.rar
  6. repaired some, added others and those that were missing + Little Friends Dogs and Cats Update v1 0 1 NSW-VENOM Waku Waku Sweets Update v1 0 1 NSW-VENOM dirfixes are not necessary in most cases because the repaired file is already uploaded because the DIRFIX is simply a repaired NFO or a damaged rar If you see that another version is missing, I would appreciate it if you told me to upload it.
  7. + Pixark_NSW-LiGHTFORCE
  8. + American_Ninja_Warrior_Challenge_Update_v1.0.2_NSW-VENOM.rar Dead_Cells_Update_v1.2.1_INTERNAL_NSW-SUXXORS.rar Dead_or_Alive_Xtreme_3_Scarlet_Update_v1.0.3_NSW-SUXXORS.rar FIFA_19_Update_v1.0.6_NSW-SUXXORS.rar Horizon_Chase_Turbo_Update_v1.0.8_NSW-VENOM.rar Puzzle_Box_Maker_Update_v2.1.0_NSW-SUXXORS.rar RPG_Maker_MV_Update_v1.10_NSW-SUXXORS.rar Splatoon_2_Update_v4.8.0_EUR_NSW-SUXXORS.rar Splatoon_2_Update_v4.8.0_USA_NSW-SUXXORS.rar Splatoon_2_Update_v4.8.0_JPN_NSW-SUXXORS.rar Vectronom_eShop_NSW-VENOM.rar
  9. + Dead_Cells_Rise_of_the_Giant_DLC_INTERNAL_NSW-SUXXORS.rar STRIKERS1945_for_Nintendo_Switch_Update_v1.0.4_NSW-SUXXORS.rar STRIKERS1945_II_Update_v1.0.3_NSW-SUXXORS.rar Atelier_Lulua_The_Scion_of_Arland_NSW-VENOM
  10. AlvRo

    [1F] PS4 PKG Games Collection

    add Torment.Tides.of.Numenera.UPDATE.v1.03.PS4-PRELUDE.rar The.Book.of.Unwritten.Tales.2.iNTERNAL.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Mafia.III.UPDATE.v1.09.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Mafia.III.Stones.Unturned.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Mafia.III.Sign.of.the.Times.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Mafia.III.Faster.Baby.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Mafia.III.Judge.Jury.and.Executioner.Weapons.Pack.DLC.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Hustle.Kings.iNTERNAL.UPDATE.v1.17.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Hustle.Kings.iNTERNAL.PS4-PRELUDE.rar Chronicles.of.Teddy.Harmony.of.Exidus.PS4-PRELUDE.rar
  11. As I understand it, if it's the same as in 3DS, KIOSK are game demos. + Sniper Elite V2 Remastered NSW-HR Katana ZERO Update v1 0 2 NSW-VENOM American Fugitive Update v1 0 4 NSW-VENOM Cuphead Update v1 2 4 NSW-SUXXORS
  12. + Back_in_1995_eShop_NSW-SUXXORS.rar A_Robot_Named_Fight_Update_v1.4.0.25_NSW-SUXXORS.rar RollerCoaster_Tycoon_Adventures_JPN_NSW-HR.rar
  13. If you have a password, you can not use remote upload but if you can copy them to your account from the browser one by one Look at the new games that have come out and copy them if you want one by one About GBA my folder is different, it's on other systems. maybe those folders are from the copies they have made
  14. + Mega.Man.11.KIOSK.eShop.INTERNAL.NSW-BigBlueBox
  15. + Minna_no_Dobutsu_Shogi_JPN_NSW-HR.rar Heroine_Anthem_Zero_Episode_1_eShop_NSW-VENOM.rar Gunlord_X_eShop_NSW-VENOM.rar Goat_Simulator_The_GOATY_Update_v1.0.3_NSW-VENOM.rar Biohazard_0_HD_REMASTER_MULTI_READNFO_NSW-HR.rar American_Fugitive_eShop_NSW-VENOM.rar TENGAI_Update_v1.0.2_NSW-SUXXORS.rar