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  1. helo, Gekitou Pro Yakyuu (Ntsc-J) (Iso Pour Nintendont) ISO for Nintendont He is an TRIFORCE GAME ,BASEBALL
  2. You can try the game cube emulator "DOLPHIN" on PC It can run virtua striker 4 Ver 2006, but i not try it ,I play in an original wii
  3. helo, This is Virtua striker 4 original ISO for Nintendont NOT the version .2006
  4. Virtua Striker 4 (ORIGINAL 2004) hello I Patched a CHD version of VIRTUA STRIKER 4 ORIGINAL (no version 2006) It work fine with Nintendont Thanks to sharing with iso GAME CUBE Code: [Hidden Content]
  5. thankx, Could you upload also the Virtua striker 4 Original (2004) i find it anywhere, i must convert CHD file from mame set,and patch it whith Fix94 tools, but i get an error ps; sorry for my poor english
  6. abdelatif777

    Milestone Shooting Collection 2 (WBFS NTSC-J)