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  1. nokiae60bgd

    cars 3 eur wiiu loadiine ready2play

    do you have some hint or suggestion regarding getting this game on disk which will WII U accept and do upgrade on 5.5.1? about blocking DNS, I heard rummer that the best solution is to block in router addresses ... btw, can u give me pass on PM for 7z file (after I combined all chunks I have now one 7z file ..)
  2. nokiae60bgd

    cars 3 eur wiiu loadiine ready2play

    my WII U is EUR so I would prefer EU version. I still havent managed to upgrade on 5.5.1 so no homebrew yet but I think that Cars 3 has embedded fw so will try via your copy (will burn it on DVD and try..) either way cars 3 is very desirable
  3. nokiae60bgd

    cars 3 eur wiiu loadiine ready2play

    Hi, just wondering, did you finish downloading? if so, how can we get game? btw, if loadiine game isnt ready yet, Im fond of retail one too (as of 5.5.1 fw)