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  1. [Hidden Content] i dont belive in affiliate links being use for other peoples work and links as these are from elsewere not the op
  2. links to yooka laylee ????
  3. kingraa777

    Nintendo switch online and Famicom online XCI for SXOS

    6.01 and obviously using sxos 2.2 to load the xci file
  4. kingraa777

    Nintendo switch online and Famicom online XCI for SXOS

    you don't need an account linked as i'm not registered at all and have been using them fine offline
  5. kingraa777

    Freedom Planet XCI SXOS

    eur i think...........should be in english
  6. kingraa777

    Freedom Planet XCI SXOS

    Next one up is Freedom Planet convert to XCI format for use with sxos enjoy Freedom Planet XCI
  7. kingraa777

    Flog ! XCI SXOS

    i thoght this was a cool one to convert to xci format now works just as a gamecard would i couldnt get motion controls to work but maybe thats just me ? anyway enjoy!! Flog XCI
  8. here are the converted files for both nes online services as xci format for sxos these can be played offline both work fine without a connection and can be updated from ofw just as a normal game any request for xci let me know enjoy famicom online Nintendo switch online
  9. kingraa777

    [MEGA] Puyo Puyo eSports [XCI]

    update as normal via ofw not sxos by highlighting the game and pressing -
  10. heres the nsp for the new puyo puyo game as requested enjoy download
  11. kingraa777

    [MEGA] Puyo Puyo eSports [XCI]

    nsp uploading now should be done in about 4 hours
  12. kingraa777

    REQUEST: Puyo Puyo eSports, please?

    done enjoy let me know if the link is hidden please
  13. kingraa777

    [MEGA] Puyo Puyo eSports [XCI]

    As requested puyo puyo esports converted to xci leave a message if the nsp is needed ill upload that as well. [Hidden Content]
  14. kingraa777


    ok i take that back dont extract with winrar make sure you use 7zip to extract
  15. kingraa777


    did you get password to work ?