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  1. [Hidden Content] i dont belive in affiliate links being use for other peoples work and links as these are from elsewere not the op
  2. my question exacly arent these only eshop ? i thought to convert an nsp to xci you would also require a liscence nsp to be installed ?or is that not nessercery now ? can confirm working fine on sxos 1.9
  3. kingraa777

    (Google Drive) Octopath Traveler + Update [XCI]

    Does this work on 4.1?
  4. kingraa777

    [TPB] FL Studio 12.1.2 Signature Bundle

    sweet thanks
  5. kingraa777

    [MEGA] WiiU Tickets (modded and unmodded)

  6. kingraa777

    [ULB] Angry Birds Star Wars EUR - USB READY

    sweet thanks
  7. PlEase keep this thread coming g and with more EUR release ase manythsnks
  8. kingraa777

    [Mega] Nights: Journey of Dreams [wbfs]

  9. kingraa777

    [Unity] Wii U Samples

    link doesnt work i get the message Something went wrong. Please try again. ???